Different types of hair colour for Indian skin tone

Do you enjoy changing your hair colour seasonally?

Colour experimentation can be a fun and effective way to enhance your appearance, but it is crucial to pick a hue that goes well with your skin tone. Some hair colours will appear particularly attractive on you if you have an Indian skin tone. You should be able to identify your natural skin tone before asking yourself, “How do I choose the perfect hair colour for me?” This aids in selecting the ideal hair colour for Indian skin that can improve your appearance overall.

Chestnut brown

A variety of complexion tones, including those with a medium to dark skin tone, go well with the lovely and warm hair hue chestnut brown. It is a natural-looking shade that will give your hair some warmth and depth.


For people with warm undertones in their skin, this reddish-brown tint works beautifully. It is a strong, eye-catching colour that will draw attention.

Jet black

For Indian skin tones, deep, lustrous black is a timeless and classic option. If you have darker skin or brown or dark eyes, it will look very attractive because the contrast will make those features stand out.

Honey Blonde

Try to honey blonde tint to give your hair depth and character if you have lighter skin. It is a soft, natural-looking shade that complements Indian skin tones beautifully.

Deep brown

Try to dark brown tone if you want to go a little milder than jet black. You will get a rich, natural-looking shade that complements Indian skin tones well.


How about adding warm undertones and tints for attractive dark Indian skin? If you are one of those gorgeous sun-kissed beauties, cinnamon colour can energise you to dazzle with an amazing hair transformation.


The burgeoning caramel hair colour is the next international hair colour for Indian skin tones to trend on. And if you have beachy waves to show off, the caramel colours will dazzle everyone.

Ashy brown

Ashy brown is an excellent choice for omen with skin tones that are a little bit fairer. Consider adding some jagged layers for the appearance of a fulling mane. Even women with dimmer skin tones might choose the medium shade of ashy brown.


Do you want highlights in your hair but are unsure? So, if you have bold, brown hair, this is a wonderful shade to run through the golden strands.

Are you confused about how to select the ideal hair colour for you? Take ideas from these above-mentioned shades.

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