Published By: Sohini

Different types of toxic people you should know to cut off

From Drama Magnets and Emotional Moochers, cut these people off to live a non-toxic life.

The people who enter your life come for a particular purpose, some just come to shape up your life in a positive way and few are labeled as toxic because of the mess they create.

The straight jacket

This is something that goes with dominating characteristics wherein one tries to control everything and everyone around them. They always focus and want to be in charge of what you say, do, and eventually think. Yes, this type of person freaks out whenever you disagree with them and do not encourage their thoughts. If someone is trying to get into a relationship or already has one, it is sure that you will not be getting any breathing room and there are high chances of nagging till the time you are in complete alignment with them. Just free yourself from this type of person or cut them off totally from your mind and soul to live a healthy life ahead.

The Drama magnet

There are a few toxic souls who are completely a drama magnet like something is always wrong always. And if a problem gets solved, another one emerges without any prominent reason from nowhere. Therefore, they end up wanting your all empathy, sympathy, and support but not advice. If someone tries to solve their problems by providing a solution, instead of solving them they end up coming up with complaints of an ample amount of unnecessary drama. In order to avoid drama and unnecessary problems in our life just cut these people off and get yourself a breathing space.

The conversational Narcissist

Have you faced a situation where you get interrupted while portraying your point? Yes, there are people who never let you get a word in and keep interrupting in the middle of the conversation- pure conversational narcissists. These types of people like to talk about themselves, they do not ask for your opinion or wait for any responses, they just keep on blabbering without any full stop. In the case of relationships, this type of person tends to be self-centered and will never be attentive to their partner and their needs.

The emotional moocher

Also known as “Spiritual Vampire”, they basically suck out all your positivity or bleed you emotionally dry. These types of people always remain sad, pessimistic and speak negatively all the time. Theta r never positive and bring everyone else down. Watch out and just cut them off entirely for your own mental health.

Do you also have toxic people in your life? Just go through these traits and identify to cut them off completely to enjoy the rest of your life.