Different Ways To Use Vitamin E In Your Beauty Routine

Vitamin E could be a great addition to your beauty routine especially if you come from the dry skin family and have a dull skin.

Vitamin E has great repairing and moisturizing properties. Applying it on your skin can fight free radicals while repairing the natural barrier of your skin. Moreover, it protects your skin from various environmental elements that can act up on the skin. Vitamin E is a brilliant antioxidant that keeps the collagen from breaking down maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Here’s how you can use Vitamin E in your daily skincare routine.


Vitamin E works the best when teamed up with Vitamin C. Add a few drops of the Vitamin E capsule into some mashed papaya and make it into a paste. Apply it on your skin and gently exfoliate. The papaya will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells as well as skin brightening. The Vitamin E, on the other hand, will go deep into the layers of your skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

Moisturizing Mask

Your skin deserves a little bit of pampering every now and then, especially after you have had heavymakeup on or been out in the sun for long hours. In order to soothe your skin, add a little Vitamin E to some aloe vera extract. Form a paste and apply it on your skin. Keep it on till the paste dries out before rinsing it off. The aloe vera gets absorbed into your skin maintaining its moisture and the Vitamin E works on your skin’s defences.

Eye Cream

Long nights giving you dark circles that you can’t just get rid of? Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties along with collagen preservation properties. This is the reason Vitamin E works great if you apply it under your eyes which would prevent formation of fine lines. Add a little Vitamin E to some jojoba oil and apply it in the area around your eye. The jojoba oil helps prevent the clogging of the pores and the using Vitamin E would moisturize and soften the area under your eyes.

Hair Oil

Vitamin E could be your best bet in your fight against hair fall. It contains alpha-tocopherol, a compound that improves the circulation of blood on your scalp increasing hair nourishment. Mixing some Vitamin E with coconut oil and applying it on your hair would strengthen and moisturize your hair.

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