Director Ridley Scott movies to watch

From the genre of the Period era to science fiction, this director has done it all

Sir Ridley Scott is an English film director and producer who has been directing movies since the 70s, spoiling the audiences for choice. The 83-year-old director began his career as a television designer before he moved to the world of advertising – well, here he honed his filmmaking skills. The director is known especially for his atmospheric and concentrated visual style of filmmaking. Most themes of Scott’s films are set in a period era like the 2nd-century Rome in Gladiator or the 12th-century Jerusalem in the Kingdom of Heaven. Scott is also known for his genre in science fiction. So here is a list of Ridley Scott films that you should not miss.

The Duellists

This 1977 British historical drama film is the first film by Ridley Scott and won him the Best Debut Film award at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival. The film has a screenplay based on Joseph Conrad’s short story The Duel. The story revolves in Strasbourg in the 1800s, when Lieutenant Gabriel Feraud, a fervent Bonapartist and obsessive duellist, almost kills the nephew of the city’s mayor in a sword duel. Soon the word gets out, and he is hunted to be put under house arrest. The story picks up from here and goes on to show Scott’s perception of accurately depicting a gone era so accurately.

American Gangster

This 2007 biographical crime film is fictionally based on the criminal career of Frank Lucas, a gangster from La Grange, North Carolina, who smuggled heroin into the United States on American service planes. These planes were put in use when they were returning from the Vietnam War. The whole of his business comes to a downfall after he is detained by a task force led by detective Richie Roberts. The film stars Denzel Washington with Russell Crowe in their first lead acting roles together since 1995’s Virtuosity. Scott outdid himself with the portrayal of the crime scene on the screen showing the deepest corners of drug trafficking.

A few others of his films are Exodus: Gods And Kings, Robin Hood, Black Hawk Down, Blade Runner Alien, Alien: Covenant, Prometheus, The Martian, The Last Duel, House of Gucci, A Good Year, and Thelma & Louise.

Owing to his exceptional work, Scott has been a recipient of several prestigious awards as well, such as the Academy Awards, BAFTA; he is a knighted for services to the British film industry. Royal College of Art in London also gave him an honorary doctorate for his work from the and the BAFTA Fellowship for lifetime achievement in 2018.

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