Published By: Satavisha

Discover Eight Viral TikTok Recipes That Are A Smashing Hit And Can Easily Be Prepared At Home

From “WaterTon” to “Girl Dinner,” numerous viral food trends are born on TikTok every year. As we all know, TikTok is known for introducing new approaches to drinking and eating—this social media platform has rewarded us with many viral recipes.

TikTok’s viral videos are not limited to fashion and beauty—but go as far as—trending meals and recipes. All the food connoisseurs assemble—as we are about to mention some TikTok viral food trends that have millions and even billion-plus views—and are perfect fodder for breakfast, dinner and even midnight snacking.

The list below constitutes everything from fruits, popcorn, pickles, cheese, and Sprite. Try out whatever seems appealing to you from the list, but most importantly, have fun—and maybe upload photos of the final dish.

Pickles In A Blanket: 25M views

What makes a TikTok recipe appealing? The answer is “simplicity”—and pickles in a blanket followed this simple trick to garner 25 million views. All you need to do is—grab a pan, fry some cheese, add a pickle spear and wrap the browned cheese like a blanket around it. Voila! Your pickle in a blanket is ready!

Cowboy Candy: 20M views

If you are looking for the best garnish that can complement almost every recipe, look no further than this delectable sweet-heat treat made with spicy sliced jalapeños, dipped in a sugary glaze. It is easy to make and loved by all!

Strawberry Bites: 46 M views

During the sweltering summer season, TikTokers came up with a DIY homemade sweet treat called “strawberry bites.” This simple treat can be described as “chocolate-coated strawberry and yogurt clusters,” made by fusing sliced strawberries and yogurt—freezing the clusters, dipping them in molten chocolate and freezing the final product again.

Lemon Sea Salt Popcorn: 18M views

It's time to jazz up your Friday movie night with this viral recipe that gained traction on TikTok. This simple recipe calls for combining the best of citrus flavors and popcorn. All you have to do is mix lemon juice, lemon zest, and salt with popcorn to prepare a refreshing snack.

Lemon Sprite Tea: 48M views

The fondness that many people have for the familiar flavors of Sprite and Lipton tea led to this precarious, cold-steeping beverage. Lemon Sprite Tea became an instant sensation in 2023 when a Malaysian TikToker created it—and the recipe spread across the globe like wildfire. Lemon Sprite incorporates the universal love for lemon and tea with sugar.

Cottage Cheese Ice-Cream: 44.2M views

TikTokers can never get enough of unusual frozen treats. This unconventional trending dessert is easy to prepare—blend cottage cheese and add mix-ins of your choice (popular choices include crackers, honey, cinnamon churro, strawberry jam and fruits) and place the mix in the freezer. It incorporates the nutritional value of cottage cheese, and this frozen treat is loved even by those who hate curd.

WaterTok: 926M views

You are probably wondering, "How can regular water become such an online sensation on TikTok?" Well, the answer is—it's not the same old plain water. TikTokers following this viral trend are taking hydration one step forward by flavoring regular water with loads of ice, powdered flavorings and delicious syrups—to make it taste better and visually more appealing.

Girl Dinner: 2.8B views

Let's say you are home alone— no partner, kids, or roommates — therefore, you can have anything you like for dinner—without having to consider the nutritional needs and food preferences of others. You get a bowl of popcorn, some bread and cheese, some olives, and a chunk of dark chocolate—and snack on this unconventional dinner menu while watching TV. Can you think of anything more glorious? And that is “girl dinner”!

Quippy titles, a short list of ingredients, and creativity are the key elements that have given birth to countless famous dishes on TikTok.