DIY Air Dry Clay Craft Ideas

Air dry clay makes up for some of the most fun craft ideas for both kids and adults alike!

It is time for your inner child and artist to shine on! Air dry clay is literally the best way to have fun while doing something creative. What makes air dry clay so great is that you don’t need to use a kiln for being able to work with it. They are extremely easy to work with and dries without having to use an oven or a kiln. Moreover, they can be really fast and quick to dry which makes them hassle-free and of course mess free. There are so many unique and creative ways in which you can use air dry clay no matter how old are you. Just pick up some clay and have fun with it. Here are a few DIY craft ideas that you can try with air dry clay.

Stamped Plates And Bowls

Air dry clay can be shaped easily into plates and bowls or any container of your liking. Once you have given shape to your clay, use some stamps that have quirky prints on them according to your choice and stamp them over your recently shaped clay. Allow them to dry and in a matter of time you will have beautiful plates and bowls with quirky prints stamped onto them. You canuse them as decorative pieces or even use them as serving utensils.

Air Dry Clay Necklace

Remember when as a kid you made anything from a flower to a paper clip into pieces of jewelry? Use air dry clay to make pretty necklaces. Roll the clay into a layer of thin sheet and cut the clay according to your choice of shape. You can even use a stencil to cut your favorite shape of jewelry. Once this part is done, stack the cut out piece of air dry clay and let it dry. Once it is dry paint the shape with whatever color you want it to be and attach it a necklace chain. Your beautiful piece of air dry clay necklace is ready!

Mini Succulent Planters

You can use air dry clay to make clay pot for plants even though they are not waterproof. Use the clay to create pot and wrapped around a plastic container. This would prevent the water from leaking out and your mini succulent planters will be ready!

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