Diy Color Changing Fireplace With Pinecone

Get your creative hats out for here is all you need to know about colour changing pinecone bonfires.

There is nothing like basking in the warmth of a fireplace hurdled in a blanket. What makes the furnace even more comfortable is the fire’s warm radiance on burning dry logs of wood. Imagine burning elegant pine cones instead to make the fire look like a fantasy. Here is how you can create your own little pine cone bonfire and the secret to make them change colour while burning!

Before spilling them in the fire, there is a little bit of preparation needed on the pine cones. The best part is that they make the perfect gift for Christmas to a person who intends to enjoy the warmth of the fire on the winter nights.

Preparing The Pinecones-

If you have got yours from a gift shop for the pine cones, then it’s already baked. But if you have collected one from underneath a tree, you need to bake them at a heat of over 200 degrees to get rid of bugs and open up the closed cones. Think of it as a cookie baking. Wrap them in aluminium foil first, and the sap tends to drains out and spill in the oven. Once it’s done, let it cool.


For the process, there are a handful of materials and chemicals that you will need.

  • A big bucket
  • Tongs
  • Flame Colourants

Here are the chemicals that change the flames of the fire.

  • White flame- Epsom salt.
  • Yellow flame – borax or table salt.
  • Green flame- boric acid-
  • Red flame- strontium chloride.

The Process-

Pour ½ gallons of hot water in a bucket. Add a cup of the colourant of your choice and stir till its dissolved. Add the pinecones and make sure all of them submerged in the solution. Soak for 8 hours and leave them to dry for not less than three days. Once it is all dried, throw one at the furnace and watch it glow in a distinguished colour.

Precaution Tips-

Even though the names of chemicals and water sounds hazardous, it is simple if done with precaution.

  • Make sure you keep these chemicals out of reach of children and pets.
  • You can make them in several badges with different colours, but do not mix the colour chemicals together.
  • Burn one cone at a time to watch the colour change.
  • Do not use coloured pinecones on cooking fires or BBQ grills, and the residue chemicals may affect your health inversely.
  • Do not leave the naked flames burning on their own. Always be there till burns out.

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