DIY Gift Wrap Ideas on Low Budget

The humble yet intimate gesture of adding some personal touch to a gift is now easier for your merry!

Not many of us could be the artist and muse on personalised, handmade gifts. Some of us have to settle for the next-door gift shop! However, these easy-to-make, DIY gift wrap ideas are the new cool and can make for a maudlin, warm package for your loved one.

Drop Cloth: Sew an old piece of sturdy cloth or denim into a beautiful bag for the trinket! Once you master the sewing art, you can make chic gift bags even for decoration. This wrap can be embellished for some extra zing too. Try some blotches of paint, fancy threads or beads to wrap the pouch. The slots should be roomy enough for a pair of earrings or customised key-chains. Make sure you have dried the paint before putting inside the gift to avoid a mess.

Hand-painted Polka Wrap :  Pick any paper, handmade or plain, and paint the dots with a marker pen or white ink. The minimalistic appeal can speak volumes to the person you are gifting. If you need some glitz, put some fresh flowers or a beautiful leaf on the front. You can put the artwork together entwined with threads or paste with glue for a charming surprise parcel!

Scribble on the Wrap: With black paper and white paint marker you can go bonkers or creative or both for the design. If you are gifting to a kid, keep it cool and artsy. Present for a colleague? Draw something aesthetic, or maybe scribbling the specially coded message will help both of you to break into a guffaw! Check out the pen styles and DIY artworks online if you are unsure about starting from scratch.

Paper Bags and Maps: Old newspapers cuts and maps should best be recycled into gift parcels. If you are unsure about the wrinkles, use low heat iron for smooth finish.

Reuse Fabric: As a sustainable gift wrap option, simply fold the fabric around the gift and fasten it with a thread. Watch the person slowly unravel the handwork with glimmering eyes. Thank god, no more haggling in the gift shops for the perfect paper wrap.

Knit warm bags: The option of knitting a new knit bag or recycling an old sweater into one is a pretty old-world way of winning over your loved one. Be particular about the shape and size of the gift object to cut down on the extra inches and prevent the bag from sagging around.

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