Published By: Shreya Ghai

Diy ideas to make your bathroom look beautiful

There is something very interesting about bathroom decors.

There is no denying that bathroom renovations are very costly.  There are plenty of diy ideas to give your bathroom an absolutely new look without even spending too much money, unlike a complete renovation. You can give your bathroom major design changes with these super fun diy ideas. Here are 4 ways to give your bathroom a beautiful diy change.

Paint it completely white

Choosing one single colour will solve most of your problems if you have a small bathroom. If you think your bathroom has less space, paint it completely white. White colour looks visually interesting and even the smallest of places looks bigger than the actual size.

Choose colourful rugs

Add a neon blue, pretty multicoloured or a simple plain single coloured rug in your bathroom. As a great way to add warmth to your bathroom. You can look up various diy ideas to make a rug from what you already have at home.

Use planters

Making use of your old ceramic cups to turn them into small planters. Use as many plants as you can to make your bathroom look prettier. You can also use a tall vase if space allows. There are many decorative flowers and plants that you can use in your bathroom to add up to the beauty.

Use a wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to instantly change the entire look of your bathroom. You can choose from a variety of wallpaper designs and pick the one that suits your bathroom the best.

Install small shelf

If you have a small bathroom, install shelves wherever you can. Shelves will add up to space also, can be used to place decoratives like planters or candles on it or rolled towels too. It will help you get rid of a cluttered look and you will get more space to keep your stuff.

Add paintings & mirror-

Paintings in the bathroom can enhance the entire look. It gives a stylish vintage look to your bathroom and also it can be helpful to cover those walls which have turned dirty or have cracks or are wired on them. Adding a mirror to your bathroom gives it a bigger look. The reflection in the mirror makes it appear bigger and prettier. You can explore various vintage frames for the mirror.

when we talk about pretty bathrooms, we are not just talking about the big bathtub bathrooms, they can be beautifully decorated even if it has the smallest space. It's about the right decor sense and accurate accessories to use.