DIY Masks for Monsoon Skincare

This monsoon, ditch chemicals and source skincare essentials straight out of your kitchen 

Dull, oily and acne-prone skin is typical of damp Indian monsoons. Thankfully, these basic ingredients from your kitchen can help you whip up some amazing facemasks to impart a healthy glow.

Sandalwood Pack: A traditional therapy to heal oily, bland skin, sandalwood has medicinal properties to cure the skin of irritations, rashes and pimples. If you have a hectic outdoor schedule, sandalwood pack can soften the skin and de-tan it. Make sure you rely on quality sandalwood powder for face.

Blend it with rose water and turmeric powder till the paste is thick

Apply evenly on your face and let it stay for half an hour

Wash off with cold water

Strawberry Therapy: Strawberry, fuller’s earth and rose water is a superb antidote to rejuvenate the skin without applying an iota of cosmetic. The fruit is rich in salicylic acid that helps you scrub off dead skin cells and do away with pigmentation. This mask is pretty combative against acne.

Once you have ground the strawberries, add the fuller’s earth and rose water

Beat it into a paste

Wash off twenty minutes after application

Banana Mask: Ripe banana, honey and lemon juice blended in face mask is magical and restorative. Vitamin C in bananas instantly brightens up the skin reducing the blemishes and unevenness. If you have to prep for a quick meeting, try this mask for it is hassle-free and acts diligently on skin.

Mash up the banana and add a tablespoon of juice and honey

Apply the paste and allow it to dry before rinsing off with cold water.

Green Tea Face Rejuvenation: The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of green tea make it an ideal ingredient of a face mask. Green tea mask fights fine lines and pre-mature ageing as Vitamin B2 maintains the collagen level thus improving the firmness of your skin. Besides thoroughly cleaning your skin, Vitamin E deeply moisturises it. For the mask,

Blend the green tea with yoghurt and essential oil

Apply on face and massage for a minute

Let it stay for ten minutes before washing off with warm water

Sugar Exfoliation: Sugar and olive oil firmly remove dead skin. Before heading off to a party or to maintain a low-budget, authentic and easy skincare regime,

Pour olive oil and sprinkle some sugar on it

Blend it and apply on your face

Massage in circular motion

Leave it for twenty minutes and wash off with cold water

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