Do These To Keep Your Hair Smooth And Straight Overnight

It’s challenging to keep your hair looking sleek and smooth during the day itself. Just imagine the struggle to maintain the same straight hair while you’re sleeping. However, there are some innovative and easy ways to keep your straight hair while you zzz.

Don’t have to miss your beauty sleep anymore; you’ll now know ways to maintain your hair’s straightness all night long!

Let’s have a look at our to-do list:

Avoid hairbands

Although it’s tempting to put your hair in hairstyles like a top ponytail or a bun, it doesn’t help if you want poker-straight hair. It is recommended to avoid hairbands because they can cause dents in your hair strands. In fact, you should avoid tying your hair even during the evening.

Apply dry shampoo

This is a great tip for women who have oily hair. Before going to bed, try spraying your hair with dry shampoo. Sounds crazy, right? However, this magical hair product can help absorb any excess sweat and oil throughout the night. Not only this, but it will also keep your hairstyle looking great for longer. You’ll also get up with beautiful, clean, fresh hair!

Use a hair oil

We know this grossly contradicts the suggestion above, but this tip is for women with straightened locks and those with dry hair. Apply a few pumps of light hair oils to your hair to keep it looking glossy and well-nourished. Additionally, it can help combat frizz. However, you should avoid all hair products that contain water, like spray leave-ins, since this will immediately kink up your straight hair!

Wrap it around your head

If you’re trying to stay away from hairbands, then you probably want a hairstyle that is secure enough to keep your hair straight for the night. No worries! Make sure to comb your hair to one side, and then wrap it around your head. Use bobby pins to secure it. As opposed to hairbands and hair clips, pins ensure that your hair won’t get kinked at night!

Wear silk scarves

The best way to safeguard your hair as you rest is to wrap it in silk wraps. Why? Because it will not just help to keep your hair in a neat wrap over your head for the entire night long, but also silk is extremely smooth – it’ll lower frizz-inducing friction with your pillowcase!

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