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Do we really need 10-minutes delivery of online products

Internet and e-commerce have changed the lifestyle and consumer behavior in the past few years. It is not long ago that we have to go out or call the restaurant for food delivery but now one can easily order food in few taps. While the internet and the evolution of e-commerce have transformed the shopping behavior of many consumers, its new 10-minute delivery system is scary for many reasons.

It is not easy to change the consumer behavior and that too of an entire generation but somehow e-commerce has succeeded in doing that. With India becoming one of the largest markets for online business, several big fishes including Amazon and Zomato are investing heavily in the country. Indians have shown enthusiasm in online shopping and as a result, its online market has become just as huge as the offline retail market. One the major things that have attracted many is the delivery of goods to the convenient location of your choice. However, with the increase in competition, companies are trying their best to survive in the market climate and as a result few food and grocery delivery companies are now coming up with 10-minutes delivery option. Even few months back, it was unimaginable but the same has been implemented very successfully by some companies that are delivering groceries and items of daily use. However, do we really need this superfast delivery of goods?

The risk

If you look and observe the execution of these deliveries carefully, you will notice that it adds an unnecessary pressure on the delivery person to deliver the goods as soon as possible. One can imagine that going from one place to another in 10-15 minutes is not easily possible, especially in metro cities with huge traffics. These delivery people have to cover an average of 2 kilometres in around 5-6 minutes, that is, after getting the products packed. We all know that road accidents have increased in the recent years due to an increase in the traffic. In this scenario, riders who were already risking their lives to ensure the delivery of pizza in 30 minutes will now have to take more risk for delivering the good.

Do we still need it?

This arises the question that do we really need goods delivered in 10-minutes all the time? E-commerce has provided has huge convenience and in few years, we will be addicted to getting food delivery under 10-minutes but this can result in an increase in the number of accidents. One should take a break and think about this decision of big companies.

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