Do you know about the oldest rivers in the world?

These river bodies have been flowing through the earth for centuries

As old as the formation of this earth, as old are the various contributing natural factors. Right from trees, mountains, and land to various rivers, there are these naturally formed bodies that have been around for a very long time. Just the life-size mountains that have been around the earth since the time immemorial, there are rivers as well that have been flowing through countries for centuries. So here are some of the oldest rivers of India that are still alive and running.

Finke River

About over 340-360 million-year-old, Finke River is located in Northern Territory and northern South Australia. It is about 750 km in length and is also called Larapinta by the Aboriginal People, in central Australia. Though the exact age is not known, according to the Northern Territory Government, the river has been flowing through its present course for about 100 million years across central Australia’s Finke Gorge National Park. According to the Aboriginal legend, the formation of the Finke River took place when the Rainbow Serpent shot out from Lake Erie.

New River

The age of the river is estimated to be3– 360 million-year-old and runs through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, USA. It is 515 km in length and is often touted to be the second oldest river in the world. This old river is also said to be responsible for carving the New River Gorge, filled with rocks over 300 million years old. The New River is counted among United States’ American Heritage Rivers. The river passes through the Appalachian mountain and was earlier known by the name of Woods River.

Meuse River

Estimated to be about 320 – 340 million-year-old, the Meuse River runs through France, Belgium, and the Netherlands before reaching the North Sea. It is 950 km in length and since the beginning has been dissecting through the Ardennes, dating back to the Paleozoic era. Such is the aura of rive that the wetlands around the Meuse are high biodiversity hotspots being home to a wide of rare species.

French Broad River

This river is over 300-million-year-old and runs through North Carolina and Tennessee in the United States of America. The river is 351 km in length. Just like the New River, the French Broad River also flows through the 300 million years old Appalachian Mountains.

The other oldest rivers of India are Susquehanna River in United States of America, Colorado River, Nile River, River Rhine in Europe, Save River in Africa, Amur River in Magnolia, and Macleay River in Uralla.

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