Do you know: Famous companies Acronyms spelt out

The names you hear every day but never knew what they meant.

Millennials often use terms like LOL, ROFL, YOLO and what not. But other than these Acronyms, there are many Acronyms around us, which we often see and don’t know much about. Many companies find it easy to use abbreviate their formal and full name to make it catchier and consumer-friendly. Think about it, how would you feel that if someone told you to shop at Make-up Art Cosmetics or use scotch tape of The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company? Do I see a bewildered expression on your face? Well, I am talking about MAC and 3M. See, what a difference a catchy Acronym makes. Here are some of the famous companies and their Acronyms.


The Swedish furniture company famed all over the world for their make-it-yourself furniture are founder Ingvar Kamprad initials. But what about the last EA of IKEA? That is the name of his farm and town where he grew up, Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.


Talking about Sweden, another very big and famous name from Sweden would be the world’s beloved clothing store, H&M. When the store was found in the year 1947, it was a women’s clothing store named “Hennes”, which means Hers. After many years when owner Erling Persson bought a hunting supplier named Mauritz Widforss. That day onwards it became Hennes and Mauritz or H&M.


The sweet treats that are responsible for cavities in young children for the last 80 years are enjoyed in more than 100 countries all over the globe. M&M are the name of its founders, Forest Mars and Bruce Marrie or Marrie & Mars, popularly known as M&M.


The egg-shaped lip balms cost a bomb and are raved among celebrities and beauty bloggers all over. They are known for their minimalist design and pastel colour packaging. EOS is formed from the sentence, evolution of smooth. But EOS sounds much catchier.


The world’s favourite toy is founded by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen in the year 1932. He named them Lego, from the famous Danish phrase, “Play well”. It is no surprise that young and old all around the world are playing well since.


The iconic online store for selling and buying handmade goods was created in the year 2005. Its founder Rob Kalin was looking for a silly and nonsensical name for its marketplace. He happened to hear the Italian word, Etsi, which means oh! Yes. And the name struck.

So, which one surprised you the most.

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