Do You Need A Flu Shot?

Why or why not?

Usually, shots are considered to be most effective on viral and bacterial diseases. Shots work more efficiently than medicines. But, there are pros and cons to taking a flu shot.

Common flu occurs due to the infection of the Influenza virus in the human body. Within 14-18 days of infection, the body either get immunised or otherwise the person gets sick. Common flu doesn’t usually lead to any severe disease unless there is a massive infection or any pre-existing health issue. Getting a shot increases the chance of getting immunised faster.

How the shots should be made

Usually, the vaccines are made up of dead parts of the virus, cultured in a specific medium. Then it undergoes an animal trial process. The shot is then sent for a 3 phase trial process. In the first phase, the shots are applied to very few volunteers. After getting a successful result, it is sent for a second phase trial. The second phase, the process is called Blind process. On a significant number of wishing people, 50% shots and 50% placebos are applied randomly. In the third phase, mass trials are done with the permission of the receiver.

Accounting the results of these 3 phases, the shot is verified whether it is safe and effective or not.

Availability of the shots

The shots produced by private institutes are available in the market, usually from the month of august in the US market. Most other countries usually purchase it from the US and sell it to their people.

Limitations of the shots

Though the shots are considered to be most effective, yet they don’t provide any guarantee of resisting the disease. Secondly, the viruses, being RNA viruses, mutate so rapidly. Hence, the shot doesn’t work at all for the advanced variants. That’s why there is the necessity of inventing new vaccines every year and applying those to people to provide resistance against flu.

Cons of the flu shots

The shots can’t be provided to children, old people, people who are pregnant, people suffering from heart, lungs or kidney related issues, cancer, AIDS or who have very weak immune systems.

There are also some side effects found in case of flu shots, though a very few in number. But, if someone feels something like that after having a shot, they should immediately consult a specialist and shouldn’t take further shots without doctor’s supervision.

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