Do you want to upgrade your peanut butter sandwich? Here is how you can do it

Banana, jam, honey, nuts, even cereals; peanut butter goes with everything!

Our fondest childhood memory includes having a peanut butter sandwich which was a staple in our childhood. The gooey yumminess can take us back to our childhood and was our saviour as a broke college student. Nostalgia aside, it is high time you give a twist of taste to our favourite peanut butter sandwich. So, don on the chef’s hat and learn some new ways to eat your beloved peanut and butter sandwich.

Scoop up that cream cheese. 

Add a layer of the decadent cream cheese and spread it along with peanut butter and if you wish to elevate the goodness, then team it with flavourful jam. Cream cheese would not only make your peanut butter sandwich yummy but would add protein to your diet.

Fresh fruits, anyone?

If you are someone who is watching their weight and don’t want to indulge in jams and marmalades, then try some fresh fruits on your peanut butter sandwich. Bananas go very well with a peanut butter sandwich. You can also try some berries like blueberry, strawberry on your sandwich for that sweet and tangy blast of taste in your mouth.

Try it with cereals.

What is the first thing that comes to our mind when we say breakfast? Cereals, right? If we could merge our favourite sandwich combo with our breakfast cereals, what would we get? We would get the most tasteful and crunchy peanut butter sandwich.

Coconut, anyone?

The secret recipe for making the tastiest peanut butter sandwich is adding coconut to yourfavourite sandwich. To enhance the flavour, try toasting your bread to get the maximum flavour and taste.

Chocolate chips.

If you want to be an instant favourite with kids, then try making the usual peanut butter sandwich with some chocolate chips. Chocolate and peanut butter, a match made in heaven but don’t forget to make them brush their teeth afterwards.

Different breads.

Other than experimenting with fillings, try changing your bread and discover a new way of eating your peanut butter sandwich. If you want a healthy twist to your sandwich, then you can go for whole wheat or multigrain bread. The sandwich goes perfectly with even the sourdoughs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative!

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