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Does motivation play a vital role in human development?

Optimistic behaviour and thought processes are the best ways to achieve goals in life. 

Walking miles to achieve a destination is not possible without getting motivated to start. Motivation is a vital concept for us to understand and implement in daily life. It gives us the value perception of the human lifestyle by explaining the importance of setting goals, striving for achievements and power. The study about motivation also covers why we have different emotions and desires for psychological or physical intimacy.

In simple words, motivation is a usual process to initiate, guide and maintain strict behaviour to achieve goals. It is also the thrust behind human activities. Once we learn about the value of motivation, it becomes easier for us to find its root and what controls it. Motivation reflects unique characteristics and allows us to improve performances, encourage personal growth and embrace well-being.

According to a theory, the physiological system of a human body registers a physiological need for maintaining health in our brain; in return, it motivates us to move forwards towards homeostasis. As a result, it contributes to human development. Here, we have listed a few of such benefits.

Motivation improves performance quality in a person. We know motivation plays a significant role in human development in every sector. Therefore, companies allocate sufficient funds for arranging various programs, training sessions and events to motivate their employees. According to study reports, motivation programs at workspace got proven beneficial to boost employees’ performance.

A motivated person reacts positively to the changes in their surroundings. The world around us is constantly changing. Therefore, we must keep ourselves motivated for responding to it accurately. It helps us adapt and take sincere decisions in ever-changing circumstances. Hence, motivation plays the role of a vital resource that allows us to function accurately and maintain well-being in case of opportunities and threats.

Motivation is beneficial for improving health conditions too. Doctors often suggest that patients stay strong and motivated because of their analysis: motivation is a psychological state directly linked with our physiology. As a result, mental stability and willpower give the patient the strength to fight deadly diseases. Even medical experts believe that the patients will power to live longer can cause a miracle.

Motivation encourages a better lifestyle. High-quality encouragement for achieving goals and living a happy life helps the person establish as a successful person. Similarly, society enjoys several benefits, such as better student engagement, greater job satisfaction among the employees and flourishing relationships.

These are some of how motivation benefits human development.

Orna Ghosh

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