Published By: Satavisha

Dos And Don'ts In Mind When Texting Your Significant Other For Maintaining A Successful Relationship

We have all faced this, struggling to comprehend the exact tone of a text. Some of you might have even experienced a full-blown panic attack after receiving a “K” or “hmm” in response to a long passage you sent.

We all dread one-word responses, and decoding the emotions behind text messages can be quite a task. Why do you think virtual messages are so often and easily misconstrued? The answer is simple: face-to-face communication helps us identify people’s moods, emotions, and tone of voice while they speak. But when communicating through non-verbal text messages, most of our emotions are lost in translation.

Do use plenty of emojis

Texting should not feel complex unless you fail to comply with the basic texting etiquette or tend to over-scrutinize your partner’s messages. But did you know that the most effective tool in your messaging toolbox is emojis? Since, texting makes our tone inaudible, you can use emojis to express your emotions and mood more clearly.

Don’t send non-committal messages during the courting phase

Texts like, “Let’s hang out sometime” usually annoys people more and excite them less. Try to avoid sending such non-committal messages during your courting phase; it is an undesirable move, and your partner will most likely detest it, especially if they are serious about you.

Do send random cute texts and selfies

Send your significant other random texts sharing something that delighted you or your thoughts about the day and how much you miss them. It will allow your partner to acknowledge that you are thinking of them, and you should try this more often if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Don’t engage in the ‘read receipt’ deceit

If you constantly find yourself checking that read receipt timestamp, being well-aware that your lover is deliberately ignoring you, identify it as an unhealthy communication. Such cases of ‘read receipt deceit’ is a kind of control and manipulation game. It indicates that they don’t want to communicate with you to let you know that you have upset them. This behavior is the same as giving the cold shoulder, and you should never engage in it if you desire a healthy relationship.

Do seek and offer digital space

If you are busy, upset, or need some alone time, you should ask for digital space from your partner without any hesitation because you are entitled to it. But there should be a healthy way of informing your partner, that is, by simply telling them. It is much easier to ignore texts when you are upset or distressed than to avoid someone in person. You should always keep in mind, your partner on the other end is eagerly waiting for a response from you, pondering upon what went wrong. Nobody likes to get ghosted. Hence, always be vocal about what you want.

Finally, do not text your better half the same way every day. Try to spice things up occasionally!