Published By: Ahvana Paul

Dreading IELT’s prep? Tips and tricks to prepare and where you might need it?

Are you planning to apply to universities abroad, go, work or study abroad, and is one of the basic criteria that you have to fulfil, the much dreaded IELT test? Well, truth be told, first of all, it must be mentioned to put your mind at ease that it is easier than they make it sound! An IELTS test is simply to test your English skills. All you have to do is pay a certain amount of money and then sit for a test. Whether or not English is your first language, don’t worry- here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare!

Don’t Panic!

Though this may sound like an obvious suggestion, it needs to be said. People tend to panic over the IELTs, but the truth is even though it is important and determines your future, it is not impossible. So tell yourself that, before you sit for the test. The first thing you should do is plan when to give the test. Book the test and then see how much time you have to prepare. This will help you form a schedule for it. But don’t slave away and overstudy for this test- as that can sometimes cause you to be in the wrong headspace while giving the test which will not give you the determined result. Keep only 2-3 hours per day to prepare maximum.

Look up Previous year's Question papers

 One of the things that you should do to crack this test is to first familiarize yourself with the format of the test; what are the sections and different parts of the test? There is a reading, writing, speaking and listening section. For this, the best thing to do is to find the test papers online, of the IELTs of past months and years. Check how the test happens. Check the kind of questions you get, and what exactly you have to do! Try and do a test paper a day.

Manage Time!

The biggest thing that you should remember is your time management. If you do the test papers you will be able to understand the pace at which you give the test, whether it is satisfactory or not, and if you have enough time to check your answers. Make sure you calculate your time properly, so as not to be rushed which could lead to careless mistakes.

Refer to YouTube videos for tips

 One of the things that you must do is go on YouTube and check for videos of instructions regarding the test. You will find a wide range, from people who have cracked the test, to experts who even check tests. Familiarize yourself with what exactly they need. This will help you get an idea. For example, in the writing sample, what kind of sentences should one write, and how to prepare for the speaking test?

Predict and Prepare

 Another thing that helps you if you need to prepare for IELTS is keeping a list of potential topics for the writing and speaking section handy. They could ask you to write on a particular topic, or speak for two minutes in the speaking test. Having these prepared in your head could help.

Take your passport on the day of the test

 One last tip; they don’t let you in without your passport. So make sure you take it. Don’t take a risk regarding this; it is humiliating to not even get to enter the exam hall after all the prep.