Dream Of Waking Up To Blooming Orchids? Here Is How To Materialize That!

Growing orchids might be high maintenance, but wait till we show you the trick!

Once you have walked past an orchid garden with flowers blooming to its full content, there is no going back. There is not a shape or colour you wouldn’t find the gorgeous orchid in, and the high maintenance plant sure makes you crave for it. Now, it is not a cakewalk growing an orchid, and if you have given it a try, you may be on the verge of giving up. But the good news is, there are about 1300 species in India alone and the perennial herb if given the right growing conditions, will bloom to your heart’s content. So here is all you need to know about the lovely herb that will make your day.

Beginner’s Challenge-

For one thing, growing an orchid may be addictive. Knowing its genus will help you take proper care of your plant. You will find many hybrid varieties in nurseries that are easy to care for in offices and homes. Finally, make sure you have the perfect growing environment for boosting your confidence. If you can imitate orchid’s natural habitat, the chances are double of it thriving.

The Easy Growing Orchids-

Here are some of the most commonly available orchids- Moth orchids, cattleya and phalaenopsis. They are known as beginners orchids as they require lower light and temperature. African violets have adapted to the humid atmosphere and thrive in that temperature. Overwatering can kill the plant, and under watering can make your drawing wilt. Vandas are the most beautiful of all orchids and grow without soil. They take the nutrients off trees and other rocks. For ground, make sure you put your plant in a porous pot to let it breathe properly.


Make sure you keep your plant away from direct sunlight. Instead, give them dim light and notice that their leaves stay erect and thick. The optimum light is what they need for steady growth.


Orchids thrive at a temperature from 21 degrees c to 29 degrees c. it is said that when you start to feel hot, your orchid feels the same! So make sure you plant it in cooler areas only.


Orchids require nitrogen, phosphorus, Sulphur, calcium, potassium, and magnesium for steady growth. Make sure you monitor the blooming flowers and attend to them immediately.

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