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Dresden- A hidden gem: 6 reasons why you must visit!

Are you in the process of marking your itinerary for a Europe trip and wondering where all to go? If Germany is on your list, do not miss out the opportunity to go to Dresden, even if it is for a day! It is only two hours from Berlin, the capital and it is extremely convenient to get there by bus or by train. Simply put, it is one of the most picturesque towns in the world, along with being blessed with a rich a history and culture! Here are some reasons why you must visit the place!

Saying it again- It is beautiful!

Right from the Central Station into the main town, to the older part of town, every part of Dresden is sure to take your breath away! There is an old quaint vibe in this town, and it is extremely beautiful. There are many old style buildings throughout which dominate the landscape. You will just want to keep exploring!

Discover a beautiful mural undestroyed by the war

 Dresden is a city, which had been completely bombed by the war, and had to be completely rebuilt. However, as you are walking down the street, towards the river, you will suddenly see a famous mural, known as Furstenzug. Stand there and just spend a few minutes absorbing it! It is massive and absolutely mesmerizing! Interestingly, it is the only mural in the entire of Dresden which remained untouched by the war. Isn’t it amazing how some things survive, and how others recuperate. While Dresden in general gives the latter feeling, this mural provides a sense of hope, that some things survive even the worst of tragedies! 

Frauenkirche Church

 When you get exhausted walking around, slip into the Frauenkirche church for a bit. It is so beautiful, and will give you a feeling of solace and peace, whether or not you are a believer. Look up at the beautiful ceilings, and admire the tapestries! It is definitely a treat to the eyes and mind. Don’t miss it!

Make your way to the museums

If you are a history and museum buff, Dresden is definitely right up your alley! There are numerous galleries that you must visit, starting with the Gemaldgalerie, which has the famous painting of Sistine Madonna, as well as various artefacts of Greece and Roman empire, lots of beautiful European paintings amongst which you will find works of the artist, Carravagio and in the top floor and masterpieces by other prominent painters. The museum is a treat in every way!  Another interesting museum you should visit is the Green Vault museum. Though middling in terms of some of its collections, others such as the Ottoman armory and the model titled the Throne of the Great Mogul are stunning! Be sure to walk into them and you will not regret it! You can also visit the Zwinger palace, which is an extremely famous place, built in 1709, along with the Semper opera, by the legendary architect, Gottfried Semper completed the castle. After destruction in the war, it was rebuilt in the 1950s and 60s. It contains a massive collection of the Saxon monarch, Alexander the Stronge.  

Catch a Ballet at the Semperoper!

Another thing that you can do is book tickets for a ballet at the Semperopera! You are in for a breathtaking performance amidst breathtaking architecture!  This is an experience you will remember for life!

Cruise down the River

 Vouch for a tour down the Elbe River. It is a beautiful way to experience the city!