Dress Code For Businesswomen In Thailand: What Should You Wear

For those women who live in Thailand, figuring out the business dress code is easy. However, for western women who haven’t been to Thailand before, it’s a whole different story.

Western women visiting Thailand on business for the first time seem to fall into one of two categories. Either, they think Thailand is still in the 18th century and dresses accordingly. Or, in major cities like Bangkok, they seem to think there’s a beach and walk around in clothing that is barely appropriate for business in a world-class city. But, it’s not that difficult to figure out the dress code for business. Follow these few dressing tips for Thailand, and you’ll be just fine.

Thai Dress Code for Business Jackets

The dress code for business jackets or business suits for women in Thailand is usually quite conservative. You will see a lot of greys, blacks, and navy blues with some white or off-white suits thrown in. However, times are changing so styles of business jackets are changing too.

Thai Dress Code for Business Shirts

To fit the correct dress code for business in Thailand, you should be wearing a business shirt that has sleeves to at least just above the elbow, while wearing long-sleeved shirts is also acceptable. Color-wise, pretty much anything goes. You can wear white, an understated blue or a bright crimson – Thai women wear everything. The only colored shirt that doesn’t seem to be worn much is red, and that’s because it’s a Chinese color that is only worn for specific purposes.

Thai Dress Code for Business Skirts

If you are planning on wearing a business skirt, make sure the skirt falls at least at knee-length. In Bangkok, you will see young Thai businesswomen wearing short skirts, but it’s still not really acceptable. Wear a more conservative length, and you’ll be treated much more like a professional businesswoman.

Thai Dress Code for Pants

Most Thai women do not wear pants as part of a business suit, although a lot of the younger women do now. It’s probably best not to wear pants, especially to a job interview or in your first few days on a new job, until you can figure out what’s acceptable in that company.

Thai Dress Code for Shoes

In the business arena of Thailand, numerous women wear full dress shoes with a suit. Sandals can be worn but should usually have a strap at the back, and high-heels or flip flops are not permitted unlike in western countries. However, having said that, in Bangkok now a lot of Thai businesswomen wear backless sandals. It’s probably just best not to do that if you’re out in the boonies, where things tend to be much more conservative than in the capital city.


Thai women love jewelry and wear quite a lot of it. Large, clunky necklaces and rings seem to be acceptable in Thailand for business wear. For belts, narrow or wide, subdued colors or more colorful, in Bangkok at least, anything goes well.

Handbags and Purses

For handbags or purses, you will see that. Thai women and western women carry any type of bag imaginable in the business world. From large, clunky, fashionable leather bags in bright colors or subdued colors, to conservative briefcases, and flashy fashion totes, anything goes.

Follow the appropriate business dress code to rock every official deal and meet in Thailand!


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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