Dress up tips to make your 40s look hip

Style up, because you’re 40 up!

Do you think age can stop you from getting your style hip right? Well, the answer is no. There are great ways that can make you look sassy despite your age. Plenty of tips that are going to follow up below. These will be the perfect style tips for you to get to know how to dress up the right way and give a tough competition to your youngsters!


Keep it simple

A high-quality t-shirt, with no extra fuss printed over it, and jeans or maybe chinos, would make you look both trendy as well as up with the trend. Moreover, it’s comfy to wear them anytime anywhere. Bootlegged jeans should be kept aside by now.

A statement jackets

Above your simple tee, you can try out wearing a leather jacket, or a cropped one, or even a denim jacket (black, navy or any shade of blue would be the best).

Black dress

If you wish to attend a party or a family dinner, a little black dress can make you snatch the limelight. Try it for yourself, with your girl gang!

Go for navy

Navy is just the all-time favourite colour, that goes well for men and women both. Try having more navy shirts and tees, to have that gentlemanly look. Ladies, you too can try out a navy maxi dress, or a navy volumed sleeve tunic for that hipped look.


Say no to matching clothes

Two-piece dress will look good on you if you avoid matching the colours of both the pieces. If you are going for work, a two-piece blouse and skirt with contrasting colours would go well.

Skip cargos

Cargos were good till you were in your college. At your 40s to look a bit trendier, stop wearing cargos. The time for them is up now, unless you just wish to stroll in your house wearing them.

Pass by your mini skirts

It’s not that you should never wear your minis or micro minis, but since you are here for tips, we are advising you to say no to the minis when you are out on the street. They might be good for when you go to beaches.

No ripped jeans or V-necks

Ripped jeans are in no way fashionable, to be honest. Also,V-necks are something you should opt out for. They don’t fall as a style statement for your 40s.

Have these tips helped you decide what to keep in your wardrobe?

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