Dubai– the Preferred Wedding Destination

Why Dubai has emerged to be one of the dream destinations for weddings?

Dubai blends in all sorts of aesthetics to lend a tinge of drama, luxury, modernity, nostalgia and glam to weddings. Its versatile geographical features ranging from sand dunes, upscale and otherworldly rooftop bars, chic Islamic architecture, desert, beaches and fort cater to everyone’s taste. Over the years, Dubai has become a sort of indulgence– a destination perfect to exchange wedding vows.

If you are speculating Dubai as your wedding venue, here are your reasons:

Delish Cuisines Served in Panache

Dubai thrives at bringing together a plethora of royal dining, self-care and luxurious escapes – unbeatable by perhaps any other city in the world. Its palatial hotels built in awe-inspiring architectural styles enchant in vogue.

The Middle East offers a generous number of options to explore luxury hotels the boom of which could be attributed to ever-expanding tourism in the country. Be it a garden terrace decked with fairy lights or summerhouses of Arabia-styled hotels, you would never run out of unconventional options to make the stay memorable and delightful. The city excels at culinary delights—Caribbean, French, Vietnamese, Korean, German and Indian, which complete the wedding extravaganza.

A Gamut of Landmarks and Stunning Backdrops

Let’s admit it, Dubai is dotted with touristy places and multicultural heritage that add to the wedding charm. What adds to the flavour is the versatility of geographical topography which allows the liberty to choose a beach or a desert camp as the wedding venue. Couples love to exploit these options without letting go of romance and world-class indulgence.

The city’s adrenaline-pumping activities, nightlife, cultural escapes and cosmopolitan air mean guests have mindboggling options to choose from.

Galaxy of Tourism Hubs and Planners

Looking for something zany and stupendous? Tourism planners and agencies are here to help you broaden your horizon and delve into the unexplored Dubai—a convenience especially when you have a short window and a flexible budget. Being a global wedding excellence, the city has internationally acclaimed travel supervisors and wedding planners that assure exceptional wedding facilities. Influencers, professionals, lifestyle experts and planners actively engage, invest and bolster the city’s reputation as a wedding destination.

All you need to do is some ground-level research work to zero in on a handful of professionals before you make the final move.

A gastronomical centre blessed with unmatched hospitality and ambience, there is no reason why you would not splurge rationally on your wedding here. Go figure!

Puja Sinha

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