Easiest Languages To Learn For English Speakers

With over a hundred languages spoken across the world, it’s difficult to choose one that would be relevant as well as easy to learn.

It’s always a welcome decision to learn a new language. It helps you connect with new people and widens your horizon beyond limitations. However, once you have decided that you want to learn a new language, the difficult task becomes choosing the one you want to learn. To be honest, not everyone has the time to invest into learning a language that takes years to master. Here are some of the easiest languages you can learn if you are already an English speaker.


Seeing Spanish as one of the easiest languages to learn should be no surprise. It is one of the languages that most English speakers opt to learn given its wide relevance and practicality. Like many English words, Spanish is derived from Latin and is considered to one among the Romance languages. Moreover, the pronunciations of Spanish words are fairly straightforward since they heavily depend on phonetics.


Honestly, Norwegian is your best bet if you do not want to put in too much effort and time into learning a new language. This is the easiest option for English speakers. Like English, Norwegian belongs to the Germanic language family, which means that there are quite a few words common to both the languages. Moreover, the grammar is as easy as it can get since the order of the words, again, closely resembles to that of English.


Also a Romance language, Italian might not be as popular as Spanish but it still caters to a wide range of native speakers. Derived from Latin, it has a chunk of similarities with English words that would be super easy to identify. Moreover, it’s a fun language to learn because it offers you a possibility to imbibe the vocabulary through their food, which are carefully and thoughtfully named by the native speakers.


Swedish belongs to the Germanic and Scandinavian family of languages. So, it goes without saying that it shares a huge number of cognates with English. Moreover, the grammar is simple and the word order is similar to that of English. It would be both easy and beneficial to learn Swedish more now than ever because the language is on an expansion spree, all kudos to IKEA.

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