Easy at-home workout for stronger glutes

These are absolutely simple and relaxing to do

When it comes to fitness and being healthy, all our focus is on eating right and clean. And when it comes to working out it is usually a lazy day on the yoga mat or a quick run or a straight focus on the abs, calf, or back. It is rare that one pays attention to the bottom and does exercises for it. By focusing on the bottom it doesn’t mean it for the butt to look attractive but for the bones and muscles around the lower back of the body to be functional and pain-free. So here a few exercises for a stronger glute and back. But remember to always do a small warm-up before you jump into doing these moves.

Begin with your feet at shoulder-width apart and arms by your sides.
Now bend your knees, bringing your arms up in front of you and pushing your butt down as if sitting in a chair. Ensure that the knees fall out and not in.
When bending down stop when thighs are parallel to the ground and push back up to start using your weight.

Reverse leg lift
On your yoga mat lie with your facedown, rest your face on the arms bent in front of you.
Now using the glute, raise one leg off of the ground. Try and raise it as high as you can while keeping your hips square to the ground.
Keep it raised for a few seconds and then return to start. Do it with the other leg.

Split squat
For this begin with standing straight with your hands on either side. Now take a large step forward with the right foot distributing the weight evenly between your feet.
Now, bend both the knees and squat down. Stop only when the right thigh comes in parallel to the ground.
Once you reach parallel to the ground push back up through the right foot. Do this with the left leg as well.

Leg kickbacks
Get on your knees on the mat and bend forward with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips making for a table. Remember to keep the neck neutral, as strain can cause pain.
Now, slowly extend your knee and raise one leg behind you, keeping the ankle flexed.
Squeeze the glute at the top then lower the leg back to start. Ensure hips stay square to the ground throughout the exercise. Repeat for the other leg.

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