Easy In-Flight Exercises To Try While Travelling

Do much more than just sitting around in your long-haul flight!

Flying can be exciting for most, although the long hours of sitting in the exact same position could be tedious. It is highly important to remain active while travelling for long hours on a plane without which the blood circulation of the body could be affected negatively. That, in turn, could give rise to a series of problems like an aching body and fatigue. Keeping your body active during a long flight essentially means doing a few simple exercises that would keep your blood circulation flowing. Here are a few in-flight exercises that you could try in order to keep your body active during long flights.

Walking Around The Cabin Helps The Blood Flow

Take short walking sessions around the cabin. Getting up from your seat and walking around the cabin in regular intervals will help the muscles of your leg stretch. Moreover, walking around the cabin would also keep the blood flowing into the body’s extremities. When you are on a long haul flight it is important to keep your body moving and especially the lower limbs of your body. This can be achieved as long as you take a few walking sessions across the cabin. Remember to make your hands move up and down in the air as well while you are walking in around the cabin.

Upper Body Stretches Can Prevent Muscle Fatigue

The body’s posture can get affected while sitting for a long period of time on a flight. That could turn your muscles to feel rigid and not as flexible as you would like them to be. To prevent muscle fatigue and rigidity practice some upper body stretches. Stretch your arms over your head while leaning on the other side. Repeat the process on both the sides for a few times. This will help in relaxing your back muscles and prevent them from feeling rigid.

Neck Rolls To Prevent Any Discomfort Around The Neck And The Shoulders

Sitting for long hours with your neck having a comfortable support can lead to neck and shoulder pains. Neck rolls and shoulder stretches are the solution to battle a stiff neck resulting from a long hour flight. Simply stretch your neck on either side as you bring your head close to the opposite shoulder. Also, do a few neck rolls both in the clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Urbee Sarkar

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