Easy remedies for blackhead removal

These steps won’t take much of your time and are easy to do

For women there is no dearth of skin related problems. While on one hand, we might be dealing with acne to acute acne, on the other, there would be dry skin. So while you are at it, there are other hiccups that keep rising from time to time on the skin in the form of blackheads. The easy way out is to mercilessly squeeze them leaving the skin burning and red or else we get professional help. But mind you these blackheads are not restricted to just women but men too, and the easiest way to deal with them is through some home remedies.

Most importantly for radiant skin, it is important to exfoliate thrice or twice a week. Include exfoliation in your skincare routine using a natural or cosmetic scrub, suitable for your skin type to get rid of the grime and dead skin cell. While scrubbing, concentrate on the areas with blackheads. Baking soda is a natural exfoliator that you can make into a paste by adding water to it and apply on the blackhead area. Then gently scrub the skin for a few minutes and wash off. Do this twice a week.

Face masks
These can be made from anything taken from your pantry. Start with clay or Multani mitti which has the oil-absorbing making it ideal for clearing extra grease from the skin and other impurities. Also, regular use of the Multani mitti mask can help clear the pores, eventually getting rid of blackheads making the skin smooth. Even a paste of gram flour mixed with honey and milk is a great face mask as it keeps the skin hydrated and oil-free.

Steaming your face is an effective way of softening the skin in general and the stubborn blackheads. Which then eventually become light, soft, and easy to remove. Also, steaming makes the skin sweat, which helps to clear the toxins and softens the pores.

Use these ingredients
in a bowl make a mixture of lemon, salt, and honey and apply on the face, especially the blackhead area. The citrus in the lemon will help get rid of the grease or oily skin, the salt granules will act as a scrub, while the honey keeps the skin moisturized making it fluffy. Once the paste is applied on the skin, gently start scrubbing in circular motions and let it stay for another few minutes till it is dry. Repeat this routine thrice a week.

You can also use tomato, which is rich in vitamin C and A is oil-absorbent. Rub a few slices on your skin, especially the blackhead area.

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