Easy Remedies for Tired Eyes

Implement these simple steps in your daily routine to take care of eyes

No matter how heavy the workload is, it is never too late to spend some quality time nursing your eye health.

Coffee Cubes: To de-puff and de-stress eyes after a night of extended shift at work and distorted sleep cycle, coffee frozen into cubes is a strong antidote. Pour some coffee into ice trays and refrigerate it. The cubes are a blessing really to ease dark circles owing to the goodness of caffeine which constricts blood vessels. Your eyes will tremendously benefit from the soothing and cooling; this will help redness or itchiness that happens after lengthy screentime.

WashclothBlanket: Apply a warm soaked clothed on the eyes to cure pain, stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle spasms. Eye twitching is common with excess reliance on computers and gadgets and absorption of blue light. It leads to dry eyes and strain. Nonetheless, sterilise the boiled water before dipping the cloth to prevent bacterial infection.

Palm Treatment: The Bates Method requires you to cup your palms over closed eyes and especially after hours of continuously staring at screens. Apply light pressure on the eyeballs. This exercise is instantly comforting and relaxing.

Adjust Device Lights: Brightness level of device screens should be adjusted according to the background light. According to myths, dimming the light is the best while it mostly puts strain on the eyes. If you are working in low light, dim the light on your phone screen to maintain radiance of both the lights. Dialling down the brightness or keeping it abnormally on the higher notch is equally damaging.

Cold Compress: Both tea bags and ice cubes old compress to cure eye bags and swell, ice cubes wrapped in cotton should be gently put over the eyes. Do not stretch this beyond 1-2 minutes. For tea bags, brewed chamomile tea works best when refrigerated in containers. However, be careful while applying so as not to get tea in your eyes.

Eye Workouts: Eye movement de-strains after hours of staring fixedly at a certain angle. Hold your finger inches away from eyes, and focus. Next, focus far away into the distance. Roll your eyes from ceiling to floor, slowly. Move the eyeballs right to left. Why because workouts relax eye muscles and treat fatigue.

Screen Breaks: Take at least 20 seconds to stare at something 20 feet away to spare your eyes from pain and burns. Every two hours, allow your eyes to relax for minimum 15 minutes.

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