Published By: Ishani Karmakar

Easy Ways To Boost Your Concentration

Focus more intently and stop wasting time on little matters if you're always losing focus and forgetting to do the big-picture stuff.

The ability to concentrate and get things done is within your reach through a variety of simple and efficient strategies. Here are some things you can do:

Find “Your” Space

Finding the ideal environment in which to get things done is essential. The greatest places to study are libraries, study lounges, and private offices with doors, as these places, are usually calm and have few distractions. However, staying in bed to study or work is not recommended. Whilst it may be tempting to just collapse on your bed, doing so will trigger your brain's "sleep" response, leaving you feeling groggy and exhausted. If anything, you should be sitting up straight at your desk.

Don't try to juggle too many things at once

Another enticing practice, particularly when time is of the essence, is multitasking; nonetheless, this is a poor strategy for getting work done. When you multitask, your attention is continually divided, making it more difficult to focus, leading to more mistakes and poor performance.

Go Out

In order for your brain to function at its best, you need a steady supply of oxygen. Go for a walk outside and breathe deeply. When your brain is properly oxygenated, it becomes far less taxing to maintain concentration, even when performing tedious or unpleasant jobs.

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is one of the greatest (but not always the simplest) methods for training one's mind to focus intently. Indeed, concentration is a crucial component of Zen meditation. If you know you're in for a challenging day, consider starting it with ten minutes of meditation.

Learn Your Why

You'll never be able to concentrate well on the work at hand if you believe that it serves no purpose. Finding purpose in what you're doing or convincing yourself that it has real value in your career or personal life might help you maintain concentration and perform at your best.

Refine Your Food Choices

If you try to get some work done on an empty stomach, your blood sugar will plummet and you'll feel tired and unable to concentrate. Hence, avoid letting your blood sugar drop too low and rise too high by skipping meals, keeping good brain foods handy at all times, and drinking enough water. Nevertheless, if you consume too much, you'll feel drowsy and sick. Hence, the secret is in eating several light meals throughout the day that are high in protein and healthy fats to fuel your brain without making you feel bloated.