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Easy Ways To Dry And Preserve Flowers

Here is how to make the most of flowers.

Drying flowers can help you enjoy them for longer and they have a long shelf life and you can get creative with them, from art projects to wedding decor. Plus, flowers fresh, dried, or preserved can add a sense of warmth to a space or event. Drying and preserving flowers was a popular practice in ancient Egypt. Back in the day, Egyptians used dried flowers in various ways – fragrance, cosmetics, and ceremonial offerings in tombs. Even though fresh flowers look gorgeous they have a short shelf life. However, dried flowers tend to last a whole lot longer and look grand. What’s more, dried flowers are low maintenance and budget-friendly. It can also be a sustainable option to try. Here are some ways you can dry and preserve flowers for your next DIY project or special occasion.

Drying flowers the “lazy” way

Remove all the extra greenery on the stems to condition your flowers for drying. Next, fill a bucket or vase with a small amount of water. Then place your flowers in it the way you would a fresh flower arrangement. The water will evaporate and the flowers will start to naturally dehydrate in a couple of weeks.

Air drying flowers

The first thing you need to do is prepare and cut your flowers for drying. Cut all the extra greenery off the stems. Next, tie the stems into bundles by using a string. Hang the bundles or individual flowers onto a stick in a cool and dark room. Ensure the room you use has air flowing through it. Once you have done that, forget them for a couple of weeks or until they dry. You can use hair spray to maintain the shape of the petal. However, this step is optional.

Microwaving flowers to dry them

Condition the flowers for drying by cutting the stems from the head of the flower. You only require the heads of the flower for this method. Next sandwich the flowers you have selected between two pieces of paper. Make sure to place the flower tops on the paper. There should also be enough space between them. Place the paper with your flowers into a paper towel. Press down the flowers with the microwave-safe dish. Next, microwave them in short bursts for 10- to 15-second each. This is a trial and error method so find one that works best for you.

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