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Easy Ways to Pack Souvenirs

While relocating or shopping on foreign trips, we tend to compromise on beautiful souvenirs for safety. Well, here is the Plan B

Be it an ounce of cheese or an intricately designed chandelier, with methodical packing, bring ‘em home safely.

Stuff Throwaway Clothes

Packing discarded clothes might initially sound like a crazy thing to commit to but can be quite savvy to pull a safety cushion around the delicate and expensive souvenirs you are planning to carry. The clothes are often crumbled and elongated to fashion into safety pads which explains why you should not risk your favourite apparels. When you are stuffing inside an array of collectables, clothes form a pretty reliable barrier. It prevents abrasion and frictions. If you are paranoid about the souvenirs that are too brittle and intricate to be tucked in, the clothes can safely house them too. Stitching and personalising timeworn clothes into small bags and pouches is a practical alternative to hoarding items recklessly.


Sometimes, the trick lies in wisely positioning of the objects. A delicate, large bottle can be easily placed in the centre of the suitcase and embraced by the warm, reassuring heap of cloths. You do not need to be wary of its safety or pull other stunts to carry it intact. Smart packing will keep the relics from rolling around or tattered into pieces. The strategy is especially relevant if you are keen on commuting with exotic foods like spices and cheese. With pungent spices, you can never risk packing the other clothes for there is a high possibility they will smell like barbeque. So, even though the spices will be secured in the company of your clothes, try keeping them in a completely alienated section in tight sealed containers.

Trust Carry-On Rule

Whenever you are finicky about the lifespan of the souvenirs post-travel, put them inside the large tote bag strapped on your shoulder. Carrying them around totes is the surest way to secure your purchases unless you plan on wrestling and jostling throughout the way. The good ol’ strategy of stuffing clothes or putting the items in compression bags could save the treasures from getting smashed on the way. If you are travelling short distances, totes provide a much safer bubble than monstrous suitcases.

Pack Snug

Small items or souvenirs you plan to scatter inside the suitcase, only a cosily packed compartment can help those survive the journey. The clothes will act as a shield against scratches and scraps. If the items have space to wiggle inside, brace yourself for some bad news at the end of your trip.

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