Eco-friendly Thai Tote Bag Brands You Need In Your Life

With the green consumerism and green movement in full momentum, there has never been a better time to switch up single-use plastic bags for eco-friendly tote bags.

For the time being, the supermarket is the most visited place for everyone. It is the only occasion where we get to kind of dress-up lately, so why not pair it with a sophisticated Thai tote bag to suit? As we try to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, it is significant to diminish the use of single-use plastic bags and invest in a good tote bag to take shopping. However, a functional tote bag need not be mono-color or even merely rectangular in design. Featuring different materials using recycled cotton, scroll down for some awesome Thai tote bag brands of the minute.

Kiddee Project

Kiddee Project is the brainchild of designer Vipavat Darapongsathaporn. The fun and youthful bag brand Ta.Tha.Ta, who teamed up with Nan Hospital to create an eco-friendly line of totes made from dialysis bags used for patients with kidney disease. Aiming to diminish the amount of waste produced by hospitals, the Kiddee Project gives these medical products a fresh spin by upcycling them into utilitarian-style, urban totes. After being sanitized and cleaned, the dialysis bags are combined with polyester to create functional and sturdy bags.

Least Studio

Work bags couldn’t get much smarter than Least Studio’s signature cutting mat design. Inspired by the durability of cutting mat material, this cruelty-free stationery brand took a foray into sturdy tote bags and handbag designs, blending leatherette with soft natural rubber that can be folded and rolled just like fabric. This results in the creation of waterproof clutches, totes, and handbags that are very durable and functional without sacrificing style.

Taya Living

More than just a bag, Thai tote bag brand Taya Living makes multi-function designs. For instance, their Cleo Bag can be used both as your daily bag and your home decor item. It is eco-friendly, handcrafted and extremely roomy, and durable. It’s ideal for carrying heavier supermarket items like jars and bottles.

Chaaum Studio

In Bangkok, you may have spotted city-dwellers carrying waist bags and totes that look like a mashup between Freitag and building-site waste, and thought they look pretty wicked. Well, they are from Chaaum Studio, which recycles cement bags into stylish lifestyle accessories, including tote bags, bum bags, wallets, and backpacks. These sturdy and functional bags are enough to be the perfect carry-all for your everyday essentials plus, their street style will vibe with your outfits effortlessly.

Shop sustainably and in style with these local Thai tote bag brands that provide some of the coolest eco-bags in the market.


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