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Eco Friendly Tips For Gift Wrapping

Find alternatives for gift wrapping with items that would not harm the planet.

With time people are learning to be more aware in the actions that harm the environment and the actions that could actually save the planet. Every time you give someone a gift, you wrap it with all your love using beautiful boxes and shiny paper that you usually get from the gift shop. However, while you may be filling your gift with all the love using these store bought gift wrapping options, you are not really showing a lot of love and gratitude to the environment. You can make gift wrapping sustainable and eco friendly as well if you actually tried to look for a few alternatives to traditional methods of gift wrapping. Here are a few tips on how to wrap gift in a manner that does not hurt the environment.

Newspapers Give Gifts A Vintage Look

Use old newspapers you have stacked at the corner of your house to be used as a gift wrapper. Doing this is a sustainable way of wrapping a gift since neither do you have to purchase a gift wrapping paper nor do you have to use the fancy pretty wrappers that do no good to the environment once dumped away. Newspapers can be styled in a few ways while wrapping a gift. You can wrap the gift with a newspaper and then finish it off by sticking some flowers. You can also doodle something on the newspaper wrapping. Anyway you choose to do it, it will be a lovely way to be sustainable while sending someone a gift.

Send A Bag Filled With Love And Best Wishes

You can also opt for a cloth bag as a gift bag where in you put the gift instead if wrapping it. There are plenty of quirky and pretty cloth bags available that people usually use for shopping. Get one of those bags and use it send the gift in. In fact, the bag could be repurposed by the receiver later on and it would really be two gifts in one.

Glass Jars Or Boxes For A Nice Touch

If you still want to keep things a little fancy, use glass jars or boxes to send the gift. This idea is ideal for gifting someone jewellery. The person can use the glass jars or boxes later as well and they’re perfectly environment friendly.

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