Effective Ways to Reorganize Your Kitchen

Consider this situation. Your cooking time is mostly spent ransacking your kitchen for ingredients. Do you keep on forgetting where you kept your spatula, or spices despite your attempt to recall their whereabouts? The new coffee cup that you lovingly bought a few days ago has mysteriously vanished into the endless mess of your cupboard? If you could relate to any such situation, you know that your kitchen needs reorganizing.

Yes, it is a tedious exercise which has to be accomplished, mostly when you are left with no choice but to fix your kitchen. What if your mom is coming over to stay with you? You don’t want her to be horrified at the sight of your kitchen, waiting to be exploded with clutter. Take a deep breath and start sorting it. Now!

Clearing out the cabinets

First things first, you need to pull out everything from each cabinet. If you have any item which has not been used from the last six months, you can easily do without it. Give it to someone who needs it more than you. Dispose of the broken stuff. You need to be heartless in the matters which require cleanliness. Repeat the process for every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen. You shall be surprised to find a lot of space to store the relevant stuff.

Stock pantry products in a clear container 

Invest in a good see-through glass container to ease out the trouble to open the box every time you need to search for ingredients. It is also a good idea to streamline the storage by quantity. Try storing open packets of pudding mixes, instant soups in one big clear box or a labelled box to save your time. The bottles of sauce, gravy could be kept on the shelf in front of your cooking range.

Grouping and placing items 

Place your baking utensils and baking goods in a cabinet nearest to the oven. Fix some hooks on a wall near your kettle/coffee maker for hanging coffee mugs. Keep your coffee/tea supplies in this area as well. Pots and pans should be in the cabinets closest to your cooking area. Try to demarcate and strictly confine those spaces according to their usage.

Cleaning the Refrigerator

For God sake, throw the leftover food sitting in your fridge for over a week before it becomes too toxic to consume. Only keep fresh eatables inside it and make a routine to throw trash out of the fridge every night.

This time, you are going to own your kitchen and set up some rules in place for everyone and also yourself. The cardinal rule still says, go easy on piling stuff up, and minimalism is going to be your way forward!

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