Published By: Ipsita Jha

Eight Astonishing Benefits of castor oil

Castor oil, packed with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, has many potential benefits for body, skin and hair. Scroll down and read more about the therapeutic and medicinal uses of castor oil.

Castor oil is multi-purpose oil obtained from the seeds of the ricinus communis plant. The ricinus plant can be found in tropical areas of Africa and Asia. Castor oil has numerous medicinal, therapeutic and pharmaceutical uses.

It is commonly used as an additive in skin and hair care products, and some foods and medications. Castor oil is an excellent natural remedy to cure many health conditions like constipation, joint pain, and skin and hair problems.

Check out the fantastic benefits of castor oil for body, hair and skin.

1) Moisturises the skin

Castor oil contains a good amount of triglycerides which moisturises the skin by preventing any water loss through the outer layer of skin. Pure castor oil has a very thick consistency so it can be mixed with skin-friendly carrier oils like almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil to make a hydrating moisturiser for dry and damaged skin.

2) Relieves constipation

Castor oil is also rich in laxative properties. The monosaturated fatty acid and ricinoleic acids found in castor oil acts on the intestinal muscle to contract and push out the stool, relieving constipation. Consume very less amount of castor oil to avoid any discomfort.

3) Heals wounds

Applying castor oil to wounds promotes healing and prevents sores from drying out. Castor oil stimulates the growth of the new tissue cells, reducing the risk of infection and preventing the build-up dead skin cells.

4) Nourishes hair and scalp

Castor oil with excellent anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties makes your scalp and skin healthy. It treats itchy scalp, dandruff and flaky skin by deeply moisturising the scalp and reducing inflammation. Castor oil keeps your scalp and hair hydrated and provides relief from frizz and dryness.

5) Cures acne and skin irritation

The medicinal and antimicrobial properties of castor oil reduce the problem of painful acne and soothe related symptoms like redness and inflammation. It may help to fight the bacterial growth on the skin, preventing skin irritation and problems from occurring.

6)  Treats joint pain

Castor oil when massaged on sore joints and muscles can help reduce joint pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory action of castor oil soothes the nerves, joints and muscles and also helps to reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

7) Removes moles and cysts

Using castor oil mixed with a pinch of baking soda on moles and cysts can help you to get rid of them. Regular application of castor oil can dissolve the cysts and moles by significantly reducing their skin appearance.

8) Adds shine & lustre to hair

Castor oil is the best oil to improve shine and overall health of the hair. It contains ricinoleic acid and other fatty acids which moisturises the roots, scalp and hair to promote lustrous and healthy hair growth. Massaging castor oil onto the scalp improves circulation of blood, allowing your hair to grow faster, stronger and thicker.