Eight Must-have Affordable Equipment For Home Gym

Working out at home with your own gym equipment has some undeniably serious convenience benefits.

As you may have noticed, the raging pandemic has made home fitness as hot as it’s ever been. There is no need to account for travel time to and from the gym, no need to pack a bag, and you can play your go-to workout music loud. And for many people, home is considered a pressure-free zone to exercise because, gyms can feel a little intimidating, especially when you are new to fitness. Here is a list of essential home gym tools and equipment to consider as you stock up to sweat it out.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are inexpensive, lightweight, and require little room to store. Resistance bands are a great way to add an extra challenge to lower-body exercises, in particular. These mighty bands are very versatile and useful for glute activation before a run. Try some side squats, glute bridges, or clamshells with a band around your ankles or under the knees.

Gliding Discs

Gliding discs are useful tools that will occupy very little space in your home. This tool is way more challenging than it looks. You place them under your feet or hands during exercises like plank-to-pikes or reverse lunges.

Heavy Kettlebell

If you want to lift heavy weight at home, kettlebells are a more versatile piece of equipment than you might think, and they’re great for working your muscles and getting your heart rate up. You can try traditional kettlebell exercises at home, such as Turkish get-ups, kettlebell swings or you can also add them to traditional strength training workouts to switch it up.

Exercise Mat

At the base level, a yoga or exercise mat makes floor exercises way more comfortable, whether you are doing abs work on your back or push-ups on your knees. Get hold of a thicker mat for more cushioning, especially if you’re working out on a hard floor. Additionally, using a mat is an incredible way to make sure you have got at least one rectangle of workout-designated space at home.

Set of Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are looking for more than a couple of pairs of dumbbells, consider buying an adjustable set for your home gym. You can change the plates as per your requirements, as it comes with the option of switching weight.

Bosu Ball

Bosu ball is one of the most beneficial and versatile pieces of home gym equipment. You can establish stability and balance using the Bosu ball. It does not matter how strong you are if you can’t stabilize your movements at the same time.


For beginners, Aquabag is highly recommended. The beauty of this incredible tool is that for a person who doesn’t know how to box, it’s hard to hurt your hand because it bounces back off the bag.

Whether you have little or a lot of space, the above list of equipment is essential to shape up around the house.

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