Elephant Tower: 12 interesting facts about the most unique building in Bangkok

Also known as ‘Chang Building’, Elephant Tower is the most famous and talked about building in Thailand.

Along with all the amazing places, sacred temples and crowded markets, Bangkok is also famous for a high-rise building that resembles an elephant. We are talking about the iconic skyscraper called Elephant Tower which is located at Paholyothin Road and Ratchadaphisek Road in Bangkok, Thailand. It consists of three towers that form the shape of an elephant and can be seen from a far distance. Here, we have gathered some interesting facts about this large building that you probably did not know.

Elephant Tower is the largest elephant-shaped building in the whole world.

The building consists of 32 floors and is 335 ft high.

The construction of the entire building was completed in 1997.

 The building has seven parts:

Tower A.

Tower B.

Tower C.

Top floor.

Shopping plaza, bank, post office.

Recreation Ground.


Among the three towers, two represent the legs of the elephant and the third one makes its trunk. While the two large windows represent the elephant’s eyes, the multistory balconies are its ears and the 20 stories of smoked-glass enclosed rooms form its tail.

The upper floors of all the three sections of the building are connected with each other.

Engineer Arun Chaisaree and architect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu collaborated together on the construction of this iconic building.

In Thai culture, elephants are considered as holy animals. They are the symbol of trust, longevity and power of monarchy. Also, Thai people have been worshipping elephants since a long time. This is one of the reasons why Elephant Tower is so popular among the local people.

A Thai architect named Sumet Jumsai created the design of this building in 1985.

The building is equipped with several features such as high-speed elevator, drinking water purifying system, swimming pool, pressurized fire escape, energy saving design etc. Also, there’s a huge parking facility for 1200 cars in the building premises.

Before Elephant Tower, Lucy the Elephant Building (in Atlantic City area) used to be the largest elephant-shaped structure in the world.

The building has several commercial organizations in it. It has residential suites, shopping malls, high-tech business offices and many other stores.

In 2011, CNN included the Elephant Tower in their list of “20 World’s Most Iconic Skyscrapers”.

Elephant Tower is a major attraction in Bangkok. While you can see this building from several different parts of the city, the best view comes from the Expressway.

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