“Embrace the Habit of Life Long Leaning Through Simple Steps”

If you want to pursue learning, it has never been easier, and neither are you late. Scroll down to know more about how to inculcate lifelong learning in your life through this story.

No matter who qualified you are and how much you know, there would always be something you want to learn. Learning is like the ocean, which an individual could never fathom. Blame it on our education system, but we are always taught to follow one area of expertise that could help us sustain ourselves as a professional in our chosen field of work.  Somewhere along the journey, when we are exposed to various other areas and scope of work, we get attracted towards some exciting things out there, which sparks our interest. Still, we are unable to follow it owing to time restraints, professional priorities and so on.

In the current scenario, things have changed a lot.  Knowledge has become easily accessible, thanks to the internet and online education system. Your mind is programmed to be defined by a college diploma or degree, but there is a vast world out there waiting to be explored. You can hone your skills and knowledge without any formal degree and yet master it.

If you are interested in self-education,let’s talk about how to start with it.

It’s all about learning, which could be beyond a classroom:  Education is beyond books and lengthy notes; it is also about experiencing learning in a novel method. A good podcast on the internet or anenriching article in the paper could also help you learn. Do not undermine the importance of learning. You need to have a thirst for knowledge, and that is the first step towards it.

Choose your preferred medium: you need to determine your preferred mode of learning—some people like reading, others like audiovisual mode to learn. People could have various learning styles. If you are still unsure about your way of learning, you could think about the time when a particular mode of information sharing stuck with you. Then, you only need to recognize your style of knowledge sharing.

Find out what interests you:  You are free to choose the area of your interest. It could be anything that you love. It could be music, blogging, politics, photography, sports, dance or whatever suits you. And it shouldn’t always be about money. Your happiness is precious.

Growth Mindset: This term was coined by psychologist Carol Dweck which says that your brain can learn much more than you are made to believe. Therefore even if you think you cannot learn anything new, you could do anything in the world.

Finally, it all comes down to your aptitude to seek knowledge. Enrich your life with the habit of lifelong learning. All the best!

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