Emoji: Interesting and unknown facts

Talking virtually to others is incomplete without using emojis. The language of emoji is funny and interesting.

There are at least 3000 emojis used regularly in the virtual world. The discovery of emojis is regarded as one of the interesting and engaging technologies in this century.Casual friendly interaction seems to be incomplete without the use of emojis nowadays. It is truly a unique way of modern language. Go through this article to know some interesting facts about emojis.

The world’s fastest-growing language is emoji language:

Emoji became popular over the last decade. As people can express themselves without writing and speaking anything, it became the most preferred option in the virtual world. Considering the wide use of emojis, Oxford English Dictionary defined it as “a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion.”The statistics regarding emoji usage are quite surprising. Over 10 billion emojis are sent daily. Nearly 95% of internet users use emoji language regularly.

Who actually invented emoji?

Well, there is a controversy regarding the inventor of emoji language.It is undeniable that hieroglyphics of Egyptian culture had a major inspiration behind this discovery. It was invented in Japan, but there is an ongoing debate on the inventor company.The two mobile companies are Softbank and Docomo. Some say Softbank invented it in the 1990s, while others say that Docomo company was the founder of emoji.

What is the meaning of emoji?

Emoji comes from two Japanese words: “e” (meaning picture) and “moji” (meaning character). So, emojis are characters expressed as pictures.

People celebrate world emoji day:

On the 17thof July, every year, people celebrate emoji day across the world. Some people consider it an unofficial holiday. Various events take place all over the world on this day. Many emoji-related products are always launched on this day.

Which is the most used emoji?

A survey confirmed that the emoji of “Face with Tears of Joy” is the most used worldwide. This is followed by “Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes”, “Red Heart”, and “Thinking Face”.

The use of emoji is gender-specific:

You must be surprised to know that men and women prefer different types of emojis. Globally, women prefer to use emojis more than men. And, those emojis are mostly related to joy or happiness. However, emojis sent by men are mostly related to fear.

Emojis create more engagements on the virtual platform:

It was found that social media engagements and interactions increase with the use of emojis. Observing the growth in engagements in the virtual platform, all social media company has provided the green signal to the use of emojis. The increment of engagement is around 25-30% on any social media.

Hopefully, this article is interesting enough regarding unknown facts about widely used emojis.

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