Published By: Rinks

Emotional Intelligence- An Asset to Your Professional Life

How expanding your emotional quotient is crucial to climbing up the ladder of professional success.

What sets us aloof from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to feel sentiments and respond to them. Often neglected as a fundamental skill, Emotional intelligence or EQ, has now been proved to be one of the most powerful abilities to embellish. You will be surprised to know how EQ shapes your professional life and ensures greater productivity for you in every aspect.

Here are some ways you can boost your Emotional quotient and see yourself grow through it.

  1. Confident Statement-
Assertive communication from your side automatically attracts attention towards you. You might be very good at your game, but experimenting with aggressive and passive attitude may turn down your colleagues even before they approach you. People with higher EQ know the art to swing with the crowd together while getting work done in perfect harmony.
  1. Respond And Not React-
To start with, conflicts in opinion are expected within the workplace, and often there arises outburst of emotions which only makes the environment bitter. Even though it might be challenging to maintain your calm during the intense situation, develop your EQ to keep rash judgements at bay. Keep a calm mind and aim at finding the resolution and think before you articulate.
  1. Develop Good Listening Skills-
Honestly speaking, the global problem lies with people having tons to say but nothing to hear. Sometimes the solution is already in audible proximity, but we can’t tune to the resonance with agitated state of mind. People with higher emotional intelligence have clarity of hearing and will always wait for their turn to speak. The perks being you will start noticing minute details of the person that you would have missed otherwise!
  1. Be Motivated-
Once you are in the line of developing a higher emotional quotient, there is no change of letting negativity creep in your life. You immediately look into life as a ladder with steps that you climb on each day, and the goal is always to reach higher than you are then. Keeping a positive attitude keeps the surrounding light, and the optimism is contagious for real.
  1. Be Aware Of Yourself-
Realizing what you are and how much potential you own is the first step towards being intuitive and emotionally intelligent. Be aware of your sentiments and how you affect people around you. You will eventually pick up on understanding others well once you have got yourself sorted.
  1. Take Criticism Well-
Taking criticism in a sporty manner is a huge step towards increasing your EQ. As you develop your acceptance of sentiments, you will be able to analyze the complaint to your advantage, and that will help you excel in your performance.
  1. Utilize Leadership Skills-
Statistics prove that people with higher EQ have excellent skills in leadership. Setting high standards sets an example for others to follow. Taking the initiative to make decisions and produce work efficiently is what comes out of higher emotional intelligence.