Energy management systems for smart homes.

With the advent of advanced communication and other technical infrastructures, the smart home is no more just a concept on paper; but reality. 

Smart houses play a crucial role to improve efficiency, reliability and energy consumption for the distribution system under the sustainable model. It uses bidirectional communication, energy storage systems, developed metering infrastructure and home area networks (HAN) to revolutionize the electricity usage pattern. In other words, a home energy management system (HEMS) plays a vital role in controlling excessive energy consumption in smart homes.

The modern HEMS infrastructures and several home appliances used in such home systems use renewable energy resources- solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. As a result, the entire system pass-through an in-depth survey analysis. Also, various home appliances get designed to reduce residential electricity consumption and promote efficient energy.

Today, we have specific smart home energy management systems (SHEMS) to optimize energy consumption in these houses. It got recognized in several smart home devices. These devices are configured to get managed, controlled and customizable by service providers or any individual. SHEMS assists in monitoring energy consumption and cut-down electricity costs for protecting the environment.

But why are smart home energy management systems gaining popularity? We know that every invention in this society gets linked with sustainable energy conservation. Similarly, even such homes require a specific energy management system to utilize and use renewable energy sources. It gets improvised by combining information technology (IT) with the internet of technology (IoT). It automates the energy connection between the energy sources and loads. Let us learn about some other benefits of SHEMS.

SHEMS allows remote controlling ability. Today’s home appliances provide control using mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other smart home gadgets. Here, you do not have to be around or require user inputs for managing smart devices. It is proven helpful for people with physical disabilities.

SHEMS allows home automation. Today, an automatic house is a reality. It is because smart home devices come with the facility to operate on pre-scheduled time. Similarly, users can monitor or reschedule the work remotely. In addition, home automation protects against accidental fires, water leakage, forced entry and others.

SHEMS prevents wastage of renewable power resources. Automated home building companies are open to flexibility. They provide us with various types of home plans based on our houses and lifestyle. Therefore, these home energy management systems are highly customizable.

The smart home is the new generation home.

Orna Ghosh

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