Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Sri Lanka

Here is a list of a few places that you don’t want to miss.  

Sri Lanka is the best place to explore the incredible beaches, colourful culture and other historic places which are the top attractions for the tourists. 


The capital town combines modern city facilities with the country’s colourful indigenous and colonial records. As a key stop on the world spice trade routes, Sri Lanka has long held strategic significance for European buying and selling powers. The country has been a colony of Portugal, the Netherlands, and most recently the British, and these types of cultures mix-up with the Indigenous lifestyle to form a brilliant hybrid.


As an island, Sri Lanka is surrounded by beaches, and there actually is something for everyone. For a variety of beach experiences, head to the Tangalle vicinity. It’s in the middle of the southern coast of the island and a famous hotel destination.

Udawalawe National Park

This huge wildlife park is in the southern part of the country, approximately an hour’s drive from the hotel area of Hambantota. The terrain and surroundings vary, because the park is at the border of the country’s wet and dry zones.

Visitors to the park can see elephants, as there is a huge population of them, along with crocodiles, water buffalo, and more. In fact, it is one of the great locations in the world to spot elephants in the wild outside of Africa.

Adam’s Peak

Another wonderful location to visit in Sri Lanka that is also all about the adventure is Adam’s Peak. This mountain is topped by a sacred rock formation, and pilgrims traditionally climb to the summit at night time in order to look at the sunrise.


The town of Galle is about a two-hour drive from Colombo through one of the country’s first modern superhighways. This historical trading port displays its colonial records and is centered around a huge seafront fort. Galle Fort is an entire preserved walled town, full of boutique hotels, shops, and restaurants.

Yala National Park

Located at the island’s southeast coast, this national park is known for leopard safaris. Leopards are very rare, however the park has a huge population and it is possible to spot them even on an afternoon trip. The park is likewise home to a huge population of Asian elephants that are endemic to Sri Lanka.

Aside from the fauna, the park is home to a few incredible, various environments and ecosystems.

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