Epoxy Resin Crafts You Must Try!

Looking for a new hobby? Resin is all you need!

As a crafty, you can never get bored of what you do. With each material, you will find something extraordinary to make and decorate. You must have tried paper, paint and colourful scraps, but have you tried resin? Epoxy resin never fails to amaze us. You can include metal, wood and plastic in your craft and put them in gorgeous silicon mould crafts. Once you master it, there is no end to the beautiful arts you can make with it! Here is an introduction to resin craft that will help you unleash the artist in you.

What Are epoxy And Resin?

Going to the basics, let us start with what resin is. It is a glue that clasps things together and gives a glossy finish while protecting the surface from external factors. The first resin was found in trees, insects and plants, with the main ingredients being shellac and amber.

How Strong Is Resin?

Resin has an elasticity of 2.7 GPA and can withstand the vigorous strain. Therefore, it is perfect for building solid functional projects.

What Is The Difference Between Epoxy And Resin?-

Epoxy and resin are different only in terms of the drying time. Epoxy dries faster and takes about 30 minutes to dry. The resin might take 10 hours to dry. Epoxy is definitely a good choice for people who can’t wait to see the finished results.

How Dangerous Is Working With Epoxy?

Epoxy resin is generally nontoxic and won’t cause you harm, but there is no end to why you should be careful while working with them. Ensure you have a clean workspace and always wear an apron and gloves to keep your dress clean while working.

How To Maintain It-

Maintaining epoxy is comparatively easy maintain because of the rigid material. The only problem is that it gets yellow when exposed to sunlight. The UV light degrades polymers and leads to discoloration. By dabbing polish on the resin, you can protect the colour and kept it glossy and new.

How To Clean Your Hands If It Gets Epoxy Stuck To Your Skin?

You can protect your skin by rubbing vinegar, acetone or citrus-based hand clear on it. Once the glass feeling comes off, wash it gently with soap and apply a moisturizer to it.

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