Essential items you might need for camping

Does the thought of camping excite you enough to start packing your bags?

Outdoor adventure, bonfire, trekking, jungle, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? A week out in the midst of trees would be as good as your imagination. However, whether it is the first time you are going camping or not, there are certain checklists you should consider before planning this adventure. For experiencing a hassle-free trip, make sure you keep these essential items with you, for enjoying your adventure to the fullest without any difficulty or so.

Sleeping bag

A must have item while camping, a sleeping bag will give you warmth which you’ll need during a cold, windy night. You might think sleeping on moss or leaves might be more adventurous. Well, it just sounds so. When the temperature will fall down, it is the sleeping bag that will be your ultimate rescue place.

Solar charger

You probably know that you will not get any power outlets on a camping trip. Hence, the solar charger is all you can have to save you capture your moments on your camera. A phone without charge is something beyond our imagination nowadays. Although while camping you won’t be much inclined to your phone, but you’ll definitely need them to click pictures.

First-aid kit

Needless to say, you’ll get a bit of injury during camping, without which camping doesn’t actually get completed. So, to get a quick treatment for your cut or scrape, the first-aid kit is a must have. Also, some basic medicines are to be kept along for sudden health issues.

Camping stove

In case you wish to cook meals while you stay, you must have a camping stove on your list. Sudden craving for tea, or maybe Maggie, can be satiated with this convenient tool. Make sure you get one before planning your next camp.

Flashlight/ Lantern

At night you’ll probably be needing a flashlight or a lantern to find your essentials, or to walk a few steps outside your tent. To be specific a solar lantern will be the best alternative, apart from having a battery flashlight. Keep your solar lantern in sunlight for the whole day and use it at night when the battery of your normal flashlight goes off.


Last and the most important of all, is the waterproof tent. Having a tent will prevent you from the gusty wind or snowstorm. Along with it keep the necessary ropes, poles and stakes. Select the size of your tent accordingly, and check the space, with that of your requirement.

Call out to your friends and ask them to pack their bags, you’re going camping after all!

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