Essential oils for chakras: Heal with sacred scents

It may be an effective way to open chakras wherein it helps you to connect with your highest self.

CHAKRA means “disk or wheel originated from a Sanskrit word. Chakras are mainly energy centers that reside in the body and correlate to certain psycho-emotional functions.

Root Chakra: It is an element chakra that is located at the base of one’s spine and it is also believed to house raw sexuality, instinctual knowing, feelings of belonging and security, and bodily pleasure. Balancing the root chakra is quite difficult but helpful as it makes you feel grounded, steady, and safe at home. The negative shadow aspect is commonly associated with root chakra which includes cut-off feelings or isolation, substance misuse, not living in a sustainable way, ambivalence toward life, or financial difficulties.

Red Spikenard: It has been used medicinally for centuries and it plays a role in religious and health ceremonies both. According to Covington, Red spikenard can have a grounding effect and also allow you to gain major control of your life along with that it also helps to stabilize one when one feels unsafe in your physical body. People basically use this oil to shunt energy from the upper chakras to the first chakra to the ground as those energies for practical use.

Sacral Chakra: It is a water element chakra that is located in the upper pelvic area of the body. It mainly represents fluidity, co-creation, creativity, endurance, giving and receiving love, self-confidence, sexuality as well as sensuality. As per the aromatherapist, shadow issues for sacral chakra include both rejection and guilt. It basically attracts toxic environmental conditions-both external and internal which trigger states of fear, anxiety, worry, and fear. The essential oil for the sacral chakra is done by lavender and is the universal one for nourishing all the chakras.

Pink pepper seed (Schinus molle): As per the knowledge of Covington, pink pepper helps you love being in your own body as it can evoke rapture, eroticism, and ecstatic sexuality. It also helps to heal body image issues, shame, feelings of vulnerability, and lack of sexual desire.

Solar Plexus: This chakra is a fire element located at the center of your naval as it represents self-mastery, the ability to surrender personal will into divine will, personal power, and motivation. The shadow includes mostly stress, feelings of shame, worry, victimization, and doubt.

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum): This oil helps to transform mental concepts and rigid patterns, eventually bringing up knowledge where you do not have to repeat the past. This oil comes up with the gift of new ideas in its best expression.

It may be an effective way to open chakras wherein it helps you to connect with your highest self as well as benefit your growth of the spiritual practice.


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