Essential Oils to Swear by Round the Year

Why an all-year-round indulgence in essential oils is worth it?

From flaky scalp to dark spots, essential oils, when concocted with genuine extracts, could ward away seasonal beauty woes.

Lavender: Blessed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil is a blessing if you are skin is prone to acne, blandness, discolouration, itchiness and wrinkles. Dab a few drops of lavender oil blended with tea tree essential and Vitamin E on a cotton ball. Massage the concoction on face to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, stressed skin and skin dullness. When diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba, lavender boosts hair growth by nourishing it intrinsically. Year-round use of lavender oil will give you glowing skin and voluminous hair.

Neroli: The healing benefits of neroli oil has regenerative, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving power. Its application is extremely soothing, especially when you are worried about frequent acne breakouts and the dark scars they leave. Since the essential oil is suitable for sensitive skin, its usage is relevant to fight age spots, wrinkles and lightweight skin dehydration. Also, if you are prone to intense anxiety at a worrying frequency neroli oil diffused aromatherapy work wonders. It actively calms stress, depression and blood pressure level.

YlangYlang: A native to Java, Indonesia and Philippines, YlangYlang is colloquially known as “The Macassar oil paint” and is a boon to de-vitalised, ageing and ace-raptured skin. The super-combination of hydrating and anti-bacterial properties not merely restores skin’s glow lost to pollution and stress but also repairs tissues and speeds up the wound healing process. YlangYlang is used as a massage oil and face toner.

Myrrh: In skincare, the remedial powers of Myrrh are undebatable! For different skin types lacking in moisture, glow, suppleness and youth, Myrrh is a strong potent—the best natural antidote you will ever come across. A luxe infusion of Myrrh essential oil to facial massage cream or moisturiser is indispensable to treat skin sores and infections caused by fungal growth. Its bacteria-repellent germacrene, limonene and magnesium further attest to healing properties. The essential oil also eases knee and joint pains.

Tea Tree Oil: The nourishing properties of tea tree oil are medicinal and invigorating elements of tea tree oil make it an invaluable investment for every season. To moisturise dry and itchy skin or to treat dandruff, oily scalp and hair loss, tea tree oil is absolute magic. Its healing properties slowly lighten areas blotched or scarred by acne. Tea tree oil is tremendously handy to tend nagging wounds, cuts and scrapes that would otherwise take a long time to heal.

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