Essential Tips To Care For Hamsters: The Ultimate Guide For New Pet Owners

Hamsters are a cuddly and cute pet option, but do you know how to care for them? And how are you planning to welcome a hamster into your home?

Two bright eyes, four little paws, and some twitchy whiskers – there is nothing cuter than a hamster. If you have recently got home a hamster, here are some essential tips that can help you care for your newest member. So, let’s get started!

Choose the correct breed of hamster.

The most common breed of hamster that people often get as a pet is the Golden hamster, also known as the Syrian hamster. These little hamsters come from the south of Turkey and northern regions of Syria. Another popular breed is the dwarf hamster, and they can further be divided into three types – the Winter White, Roborovski, and Campbell’s. You can easily find these in pet stores.

Pick a suitable habitat.

Your hamster will need a safe shelter for comfort and exploration. You can create a unique habitat by adding accessories, tubes, tunnels, a hamster wheel, and other toys for your playful little creature. You can use multiple Crittertrail tubes to connect two habitats with endless space for your hamster to explore. Make sure you get the right-sized water bottle, and it must be chew-proof.

Keep the habitat covered for the first few days.

Right after bringing home your new hamster, everything will be new to them. Make sure you give them enough headspace to familiarize themselves with their new habitat, and this may take a few days – to keep distractions of your home at bay, place light cloth over their habitat. But you can occasionally take off the cover for bonding time.

Allow them plenty of out-of-habitat time.

To get your hamster to exercise, provide ample playtime outside their habitat every day. You can set up a small gated area for your little member with plenty of toys and treats so they can explore and bond with their human family. But you must always keep them under supervision when they are out of their habitat.

What should you feed your hamster?

Hamsters are omnivorous, just like us. You may purchase natural hamster food from the pet store. These food are made to mimic the grains and seeds that hamsters typically eat in the wild. But natural foods are a better option than the highly coloured varieties that often contain a lot of additives.

If you want to bring home a hamster, carefully read all the advice and make sure you can invest the time and attention that the hamster will need.


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