Essentials of Winter Skincare

Winter requires the extra fuss for skincare as the cold and dirt wreak havoc leaving behind a trail of destruction

Resist the urge to slather serums and moisturiser or panic-buy a truckload of cosmetics to shield skin against winter. Opt for a minimalist yet in-depth nourishing treatment during the harsher months.

 Trust Micellar Water 

Winter can be extremely harsh on your skin making its texture coarse and dry with patches of uneven skin tone. All hell breaks loose when it comes to cleansing and rubbing off dirt and grease from skin. The procedure strips off moisture from your skin worsening the already dwindling hydration levels. Often you tend to skip on the cleansing part to spare yourself the ice-cold water. Micellar is an intensely beautiful solution to thwart this paranoia and clean the skin leaving it muslin soft, supple and moisturiser. The varieties of solutions available to suit acne-prone or sensitive skin are like the cherry on top. Layer your favourite face cream on top!


Exfoliation is crucial for deep moisturising—an integral part of the skincare regimen during winter which eliminates dull patches and unevenness. If you want the moisturising agent to linger throughout and penetrate deeper into the skin, exfoliation is highly recommended by dermatologists. For winter, go for a gentle exfoliator to scrub on weekly. Natural and organic brands are best suitable to generate collagen and work on pimples. Be sure to not go overboard with exfoliation and especially if you have oily skin.

Swear by Sunscreen

It is a myth that sunscreen is purely for the raging summers for even in the severe winter you have the possibility of sunburn and tan. Sunscreen is highly relevant when you are vacationing in snowy or mountainous regions. Wearing sunblock is still the key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin during the wintry months when the ozone layer tends to get thinner. Its capacity to absorb UV radiation reduces substantially. Besides preventing patches of burn, you also slow ageing and nail a flawless complexion by applying sunscreen.

Cut Down Caffeine 

Since the skin is more vulnerable to dryness, only a change in diet can bring about an intrinsic glow. Excess consumption of caffeine, aerated drinks and coffee may aggravate dryness. Besides maintaining a healthy intake of water, use plenty of green leafy veggies and fruits in diet. Carrots are abundant with Vitamin C that boosts collagen production and delays wrinkles. Beetroot to scrub off dead cells and broccoli to extract vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to maintain amazing skin health.

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