European Cities to Travel on a Budget

Itching to explore Europe but are hesitating due to the overwhelming costs involved? Go through our list of budget-friendly European cities, and you won’t need to delay that much-needed European trip any longer.

There was a time when going for holidays meant going to a renowned tourist destination. Not anymore. Today, tourists from world over are open to exploring new destinations that are off the beaten track, affordable and worth a visit.

Europe is a Pandora box when it comes to awe-inspiring travel destinations, both popular and unpopular. No matter where your destiny takes you, you’re sure to be wondered by the beauty of a European city. While London and Paris still remain at the top of the travelers’ ‘to visit’ bucket list, other places too have started gaining a place of prominence. Here’s our list of travel-worthy European cities that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Estonia, Tallinn is a charming city that is not yet packed with tourists but has all the ingredients to become a top tourist destination. The city’s architecture is an eclectic mix of medieval gothic architecture and modern infrastructure, where one complements the other. Its ‘edge walk’ on the TV tower, pristine coastline, a vibrant food scene and new-age culture makes the city of Tallinn worth a visit.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has fast emerged to be one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Europe. Abounding in historical landmarks like the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate, the city lets you revisit the place’s turbulent history. Its progressive art scene attracts art aficionados from around the globe, whereas its thriving nightlife is the biggest crowd-puller amongst the youth.

Porto, Portugal

For travelers looking to travel to Europe on a budget, Porto in Portugal is a great option. The city welcomes you with alleys dotted and beautified with graffiti art along with cheap modes of public transport to take you across the city. The coast of Rio Douro offers a panoramic view of the sunset each day, making this Portuguese city a destination worth a visit.


A beautiful country in central Europe, Slovenia is a green, nature-friendly destination with extravagant architecture, awe-inspiring chapels and fortresses, karst caves in thousands, very few vehicles and a population that believes in coexisting with nature. As much as for its natural beauty, Slovenia is known to offer a truly European experience at very low prices.

Prague, Czech Republic

A city best explored on foot, Prague is dotted with places of interest like the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and strikingly beautiful buildings depicting centurie- old baroque architecture. The Old Town square surrounded by intriguing chapels and world-class eateries will surely keep your wanderlust satiated.

If a European holiday feels too overwhelming in terms of the cost involved, look no further than these majestic cities. So, if you too have been bitten by the travel bug lately, head to any of these cities for a truly authentic European experience on a budget.

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